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Welcome to The Window, the comprehensive clearinghouse for philosophy on the Web.

New! The ancient Islamic Thinkers page. Explore the ideas that continue to influence western thought. Extra -- Islamic Resources on the web.

Added new Reasearch resources page to Other Sites area. Over 20 searchable indexes, research jumping off points, dictionaries and encyclopedias listed.

Updated the Books Page. Links to over 100,000 online texts!

See the new offerings on the Philosophers Page. Just added: A slew of mathematicians: Pierre de Fermat, Hypatia, Charles Babbage, Lady Lovelace, Von Neumann. Some linguists: Santayana, Derrida. Not to mention: Karl Popper, Heraclitus, Jacques Maritain, Martin Buber, Rudolf Carnap, Emile Durkheim, Lao Tzu and Strawson.

Frank and I hope you enjoy the trip, and possibly learn something along the way. In either event(or both), drop us a line.
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