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Math 105

Visual Geometry : Math in Art and Architecture


This course uses geometry to examine, analyze, and recreate patterns and shapes found in art and architecture. We will use ancient geometric tools – compass and straight edge – to construct spirals, ovals, golden rectangles, and profiles of domes. We will examine the symmetry of two-dimensional geometric ornament, and examine polyhedra (three-dimensional analogs of polygons) and their incorporation into art and architecture.  Finally, we will look at ways of depicting three dimensions in two; that is, we will examine the geometry behind the Renaissance discovery of perspective, reproducing Brunelleschi’s experiment in the Piazza del Duomo in Florence. Readings include Ross King, Brunelleschi’s Dome (Walker and Co.) and Paul Calter, Squaring the Circle: Geometry in Art and Architecture (Key College Publishing).  (This course carries Numerical and Symbolic Reasoning credit for Trinity students.)