The Physics of Complex Systems

Dr. Harold Soodak
Professor Emeritus of Physics
City College of New York

Synopsis of background:

Dr. Harold Soodak is a Professor of Physics at City College of New York. Trained at Duke University and CCNY, Dr. Soodak holds patents on nuclear energy and is the author of numerous books and articles on nuclear reactors and on the physics of complex systems. He has been recognized as an Outstanding Teacher of Physics at CCNY.

On Homeokinetics:

"Homeokinesis is a required extension of thermodynamics/statistical mechanics to systems which are too complex to describe by one or several equation sets. Of necessity, it is less mathematical than standard thermodynamics, and emphasizes a set of physically based fundamental principles and processes, and a strategy of using these principles and processes to describe and understand the behaviors of the complex systems.

"It treats all complex systems on an equal footing, animate and inanimate, thus providing a common viewpoint for all systems. One simple example is that of modes of behavior; every complex system operates via a set of behavioral modes that characterize the system. A more involved example is that of language; every complex system, animate or not, consicous or not, uses language. Homeokinetic physics contains an objective definition of the concept of language, applicable to all complex systems.

"It is applicable, and has been applied by Iberall and colleagues, to geological and biological evolution of our planet, to the operation of individual biological organisms as complex as mammals, including humans, and to the operation of human societies at all stages of our history."

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