Summer 2010, Vol. 13, No. 1

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From the Editor:
The Christian Coalition Revisited

Haiti Laid Low

Snatching Babies for Jesus

Singing Against the Rubble

The GOP’s Latino Problem

Anti-Gay Bill

The Word from Kampala’s Anglicans

Losing Patience with the Vatican

Death in the Sweat Lodge

Faith-Based 2.0

Letter to the Editor



Letter to the Editor                         

Dear Editor:

 I read Prof. Griffith’s article on “Sanford & wife.” [Vol. 12 No.2, Fall 2009] All was well (although unfeeling and cynical) until her last sentence: “Watching gender play out in religion and politics has never been so much fun.”

 Excuse me? “Fun”? Jenny Sanford is obviously in considerable pain as a result of her husband’s crude and foolish behavior—not just the infidelity but his public ramblings. Very likely their children are also in pain. Who is this vicious woman who finds “fun” in the public humiliation and pain of another woman? Have you no page editors with any sort of compassion or just plain decency who might have suggested to Griffith that Jenny Sanford’s pain is hardly an occasion of “fun” ?

 Patricia A. McKnight




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