Summer 2010, Vol. 13, No. 1

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From the Editor:
The Christian Coalition Revisited

Haiti Laid Low

Snatching Babies for Jesus

Singing Against the Rubble

The GOP’s Latino Problem

Anti-Gay Bill

The Word from Kampala’s Anglicans

Losing Patience with the Vatican

Death in the Sweat Lodge

Faith-Based 2.0

Letter to the Editor



Contributors/Religion in the News Staff

Mark Silk, Editor
Andrew Walsh, Managing Editor
Christine McCarthy McMorris, Associate Editor

Editorial Assistants:

Brendan Kelly
Shannon L. Smith

Alexander Salvato                                

Jo Lynn Alcorn, Designer                            Stephen Alcorn, Illustrator

Contributors to this Issue

Leslie G. Desmangles is the Charles A. Dana Research Professor of religion and international studies at Trinity College. A scholar who uses anthropological tools to study religion, he is an expert on folk religion in Haiti, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Mark Fackler teaches at Calvin College and visits East Africa for teaching and research.

Jesse Masai holds degrees from Daystar University, has run for the Kenya parliament, and is a writer based in Nairobi.

Elizabeth McAlister is associate professor of religion at Wesleyan University and studies Afro-Caribbean religion. In addition to two books and many articles, she has produced  three compilations of Afro-Haitian religious music.


Juhem Navarro-Rivera is a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Connecticut and research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture at Trinity College.