Winter 2006, Vol. 8, No. 3

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Winter 2006

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Blogging on the Religion Beat

LibertÚ, EqualitÚ, Islam

Religion and the Supremes

Intelligent Design On Trial

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A Symposium

After Katrina

Winning Hearts and Minds in Kashmir

No Peace for the Church

Tokyo's Dr. Phil

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Contributors to this Issue

Edward B. Davis, Distinguished Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College, is writing a book about the religious beliefs of American scientists in the Scopes era. (

Benjamin Dorman conducts research on Japanese religion and the media at the Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture in Nagoya and is co-editor of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. (

Moussa Khedimellah is a doctoral candidate at the Ecole des Hauts Etudes en Science sociales in Paris who studies Islam in Europe. He belongs to the sociology laboratory founded by Alain Touraine and directed by Michel Wieviorka and to the sociology group on Religion and La´citÚ directed by Jean Paul Williame. (
His article was translated by Mark Silk.

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Mark Silk, Editor
Andrew Walsh, Managing Editor
David W. Machacek, Contributing Editor
Christine McCarthy McMorris, Editorial Associate

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