Winter 2005, Vol. 7, No. 3

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Winter 2005

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From the Editor:
Our New Religious Politics

Religion Gap Swings New Ways

A Certain Presidency

Schiavo Interminable

Iraq's Sunni Clergy Enter the Fray

Windsor Knot

Protestants in Decline

The Televangelical Scandal That Wasn't

Channeling Bleep

Cut-Rate Religion Coverage



Contributors to this Issue

Eric Davis, professor of political science at Rutgers University and former director of its Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

John C. Green, professor of political science and director of Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron.

Andrew M. Manis teaches history at Macon State College.

Michael McGough, editor-at-large in the Washington Bureau of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, religion writer for online magazine Salon .

Contributors/Religion in the News Staff

Mark Silk, Editor

Andrew Walsh, Managing Editor

David W. Machacek, Associate Editor

Christine McCarthy McMorris, Editorial Associate

Editorial Assistants:
Rachel Claflin
Rebecca Fowler

Jo Lynn Alcorn, Designer

Stephen Alcorn, Illustrator