Summer/Fall 2007, Vol. 10, Nos. 1 & 2

Religion in the News

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Education & Secular Values:

The Congruence Between the Scientific and the Secular

Science Education and Religion: Holding the Center

The Competition of Secularism and Religion in a Science Education

Scientific Literacy in a Postmodern World

High School Students Speak Out


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A Special Supplement to Religion in the News:

Science Education & Secular Values

For those who wish to learn more about science education and secularism, full versions of these papers with their accompanying research findings, full bibliographies and references, along with other essays by prominent scholars, will appear in book form next years under the auspices of the ISSSC.


New undergraduate courses:

The secular tradition and the foundations of the natural sciences.

ISSSC Faculty Fellowships, Academic Year 2006-07, for new undergraduate courses at Trinity College on The secular tradition and the foundations of the natural sciences.

 The History of Evolutionary Ideas
Daniel Blackburn, professor and chair of biology

European Exploration and Science, 1320-1700
Sean Cocco, assistant professor of history

Science and Religion
Kent Dunlap, associate professor of biology

Acid Precipitation and Europe: Ethics, Science and Philosophy in Debate
David Henderson, professor of chemistry and director of the environmental science program



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