Spring 2009, Vol. 12, No. 2

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Family Ties

Sanford and Wife

Who Killed George Tiller?

Obama in Cairo

When Push Comes to Twitter

Airing the Syrian Laundry

Our Crowd

The Irish Map of Hell

The Baptists Shrink

The Episcopalian Split

Claiming The King's Soul


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Contributors to this Issue

R. Marie Griffith is John A. Bartlett Professor of New England Church History at the Harvard Divinity School. Her books include God's Daughters: Evangelical Women and the Power of Submission (1997) and Born Again Bodies: Flesh and Spirit in American Christianity (2004). 

Ronald C. Kiener is professor of religion at Trinity College, and directs its Jewish Studies Program. He blogs at  

Frank Kirkpatrick is Ellsworth Morton Tracy Lecturer and professor of religion at Trinity College. An Episcopal priest, he is author of The Episcopal Church in Crisis: How Sex, the Bible, and Authority Are Dividing the Faithful.

Andrew M. Manis is associate professor of history at Macon State College in Georgia and author of Fire You Can’t Put Out: the Civil Rights Life of Birmingham’s Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth (1999) and Southern Civil Religions in Conflict: Civil Rights and the Culture Wars (2004). 

Babak Rahimi is assistant professor of Iranian and Islamic studies at the University of California at San Diego. He has held a Jean Monnet Fellowship at the European University Institute and was a senior fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington.

 Sarina Roffé is internationally known for her genealogical research, writing, and presentations on the Syrian Jewish community. She is a freelance journalist who was born and lives in the Brooklyn Syrian Jewish community.