Rape Prevention Tips

Protecting yourself 

  • Determine what you want and what you don't want and communicate your limits clearly.  No one should pressure you into unwanted sexual activity.  If you are uncertain about what you want, ask your partner to respect your feelings.

  • Know that you have the right and power to say "No" and the right and power to defend yourself against someone who won't listen to you.  If you say "No", say it firmly and directly. 

  • Trust your intuition.  If you feel something is wrong, it likely is.  Remove yourself from the situation and get to a safe space as quickly as you can.

  • Be careful with alcohol and drugs.  Some people think that a drunk or stoned companion has automatically consented to sex.

  • Attend parties with friends you can trust.  Agree to 'look out' for one another.  Try to leave with a group, rather than alone or with someone you don't know very well.

  • Look for danger signals in a dating relationship.  If your partner restricts your activities, isolates you from friends, and displays jealous behavior, he or she may eventually rape and/or beat you.

  • Talk with your friends about ways you've learned to prevent rape and violence.


Protecting your partner and friends 

  • Get conesnt. Respect your partner's feelings and needs.  Don't pressure anyone to go beyond the limits she or he has set.  Listen carefully to your partner and ask for clarification if your partner seems unclear or is giving you a 'mixed message'.

  • Respect the person when she or he says "No" to sexual activity and comply.  "No" does not mean "Yes"; "No" means "No".

  • If you see someone in a vulnerable position, find a non-threatening way to help.  Don't ignore a potential case of rape-- get involved if you believe someone is at risk.

  • With alcohol and drugs, remember that they can interfere with your ability to assess situations and to communicate effectively.  If you have sex with a person under these conditions, the situation could be understood as rape, meaning trauma and legal consequences could result.

  • Be careful in group situations- resist pressure from friends to participate in or be subjected to violent or criminal acts.

  • Specifically for men, don't make assumptions about a woman's behavior.  Don't automatically assume a woman wants to have sex just because she drinks heavily, dresses provocatively, or agrees to go back to your room.   

  • Don't assume that just because a person has had sex with you previously she or he is willing to have sex with you again.  Don't assume that just because your partner consents to kissing or other sexual intimacies that she or he is willing to have sexual intercourse.