Reporting: Your Options


Filing an Internal Complaint with the College: Pressing Charges with College
The College encourages you to file a complaint with the Dean of Students office for formal adjudication and the Title IX Coordinator or members of the Dean of Students Office are prepared to work with you to make sure you understand the process and to see that any pre-hearing accommodations such as a no-contact order, change of room, or classroom accommodation are put in place. They can also discuss accommodations for the hearing that preserve the right of both parties to hear and respond to testimony but allow for physical separation. The College can pursue a complaint as long as the accused is still a student, administrator or faculty.  The College will conduct an investigation in advance of any hearing.
Dean of Students Fred Alford; Associate Deans: Ann Reuman and Christopher Card, 860-297-2156 * Hamlin/Cook

Filing an External Complaint with the Hartford Police: Criminal Charges
The college encourages you to file a report with the Hartford Police. You have five years from the date of the incident to file in Connecticut. A member of Campus Safety, an Administrator on Call (AOC) or a WGRAC staff member can accompany you to make the report. Evidence can be used from the “post-evidence collection kit” (see bottom of page) if the person had one within 72 hours of the incident, at Hartford Hospital.

Anonymous Option:  Filing an Anonymous Report:
This link offers an anonymous reporting site for all violations of Trinity College policy including sexual assault, rape, stalking, relationship violence and sexual harassment. This report will be sent to the Title IX Coordinator.

Confidential Option: Speaking in Complete Confidence
The Counseling Center, Chaplains and 24 hour hotline staff have privileged communication, meaning you can disclose to them in complete confidence.

SART Option: Reporting to a SART Member
Students can speak to a SART member to receive support, guidance, referrals, and information. SART members are trained in victim and survivor response. Your report will be documented  – listing your name and the accused’s is optional. The report will be used to inform or generate the statistics on campus crimes that we are required to report in compliance with the federal Clery Act. There is a Department of Education requirement that Trinity investigates all complaints/reports and attempt to do so to the extent practical and possible even if names aren’t listed in the report.  A student who wishes to bring a complaint against a member of the administration/staff or faculty should consult the dean of students office or the dean of faculty:


Campus Safety will provide transportation to Hartford Hospital for this exam. You can bring a friend, and an AOC can accompany you. The AOC can call an advocate from the rape crisis center if you wish. You need to have the “kit” performed within 72 hours of the assault; a “kit” can take up to 4 or more hours. The Health Center can also test for “date-rape” drugs if you do not want to go to the hospital. Please contact the Health Center at 860-297-2018 or speak to your Area Coordinator for more information.