Sexual Assault Response Team Members

Trinity College maintains a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). SART members offer support, guidance, referrals, and information.  SART members are trained to provide a prompt and thorough response to victims of all forms of alleged sexual misconduct.  Trinity College maintains a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). SART members offer support, guidance, referrals, and information.  SART members are trained to provide a prompt and thorough response to victims of all forms of alleged sexual misconduct.  
There are three categories of employees regarding the reporting of sexual misconduct at Trinity:
1. RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYEES: All faculty and staff (with the exception of a few, as noted below), including RAs,  are Responsible Employees. They are required to report all information told to them to the Title IX Coordinator and the Director of Campus Safety.
2. PRIVILEGED EMPLOYEES: Designated Chaplains and Professional Counselors of the Counseling Center have privileged communication. They may not reveal anything that is told to them in confidence.
3. CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEES: Professional staff of the Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) and the Health Center are Confidential Employees.   They provide only general information-  without identifiable information -   to the Title IX Coordinator and the Director of Campus Safety.

Campus Safety: Responsible Employees

860-297-2222,  76 Vernon Street
Campus Safety is responsible for all criminal investigations and apprehensions. Regardless of whether charges are filed, Campus Safety is available to answer your questions about the legal process and your legal options retarding an incident.
Brian Heavren, Director: 860-297-2279

Ramon Rosario, Lieutenant: 860-297-2111

Martin Torres, Officer, state certified sexual assault counselor: 860-297-2222


Counseling Center: Privileged Employees

 860-297-2415,  135 Allen Place
The Counseling Center provides a full range of counseling and psychological services including crisis intervention, ongoing counseling to survivors of sexual assault and dating violence, information, and referrals as needed. The services are strictly confidential and free.
Dr. Randy Lee

 Dr. Kristin Kennan,
Assistant Director
Dr. Kate Marinchak


Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC): Confidential Employees 

 860-297-2408/4131, Mather Hall, 2nd floor
WGRAC staff provides advocacy, support, information, and referrals to individuals who have, or think they have, experienced sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, dating or relationship violence, or stalking.   The Director is the SART Coordinator. WGRAC works towards the prevention of violence against women and men through educational programming and events and bystander intervention training. WGRAC sponsors the student group, Students Encouraging Consensual Sex (SECS), which holds annual events to raise awareness around these issues and to support survivors; and, the Male Ambassadors, who work to involve men in the effort to end sexual violence on campus.

llockwood.jpgLaura Lockwood
WGRAC Director
SART Coordinator

Monique Daley
WGRAC Training & Program Coordinator

Health Center: Confidential Employee

860-297-2018, Wheaton Hall, First floor
The Health Center provides medical assistance, support and referrals.  Sexually transmitted disease (STD) and pregnancy testing, as well as condoms, are available.

Martha Burke O'Brien

Chaplains: Privileged Employees

 The College Chaplains provide counseling, support and advocacy services for all students. 

Allison Read
College Chaplain-860-297-2012

John Selders
Associate College Chaplain


Trinity College Hillel
74 Vernon Street

Dean of Students: Responsible Employees

Joe DiChristina
Dean of Campus Life and Vice President for Student Affairs




Christopher Card
Dean of Students




Ann Reuman
Sr. Associate Dean of Students




Robert Lukaskiewicz
Associate Dean of Students




Romulus Perez
Assistant Director of Student Activities


Kathryn Wojcik
Director of Campus Life Initiatives and Social Houses

Office of Residential Life: Responsible Employees

 The Office of Residential Life staff is knowledgeable about campus services and can help survivors get assistance.  Staff can expedite the campus judicial process or changes in housing.
Hamlin/Cook, 3rd Floor

Area Coordinators

jenniferSART.jpgJennifer Douglas
Area Coordinator




Christina Knight
Area Coordinator



 Joel Copperthite
Area Coordinator




Daniel Levy
Area Coordinator



Office of Multicultural Affairs: Responsible Employees

Patti Maisch, state certified sexual assault counselor
Program Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs

Karla Spurlock-Evans
Dean, Multicultural Affairs
Senior Diversity Officer

Ferris Athletic Center: Responsible Employees

Lori Schulman
Head Coach, Tennis

Candace Greene
Assistant Coach, Field & Track

Ferris Athletic Center


Queer Resource Center (QRC): Responsible Employee

 114 Crescent Street

Crystal Nieves, '08 
Queer Resource Center Coordinator

Hartford Area Resources 

  • Hartford Police: Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 860-757-4000
  • YWCA of New Britain/Hartford Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS): 860-225-4681, x211
    YWCA SACS provides immediate counseling/advocacy services to victims of all types of sexual abuse.  Assistance is provided to both women and men.  All services are free and confidential. Hotline workers have Privileged Communication: They do not reveal any information to the College.
    • State Sexual Violence 24 hour Toll Free Hotline: 1-888-999-5545
    • State Sexual Violence 24 hour Toll Free Spanish Hotline : 1-888-568-8332
    • Domestic Violence 24 hour Toll Free Hotline: 1-888-774-2900    
    • Domestic Violence 24 Hour Toll Free Spanish Hotline: 1-844-831-9200