Sexual Assault Definitions

Sexual Assault:

Non-consensual sexual contact.


Non-consensual penetration - oral, vaginal, anal. Rape can be perpetrated by men and women, and in same sex relationships.

Effective consent is informed, free, and actively given mutually understandable words or actions that indicate a willingness to participate in a mutually agreed upon sexual activity.

Consent may never be given by minors (in Connecticut, those not yet 16 years of age), mentally disabled persons and those who are incapacitated as a result of alcohol, or other drug use voluntary or involuntary, or those who are unconscious, unaware, asleep, or otherwise physically helpless.

Consent that is obtained through the use of fraud or force (actual or implied) whether that force is physical force, threats, intimidation, or verbal coercion, is NOT effective consent.

Silence does not indicate consent!

Consent is on-going, and allows for withdrawal of consent at any time without fear of humiliation or retaliation.

The initiator has the sole responsibility to confirm consent. Being under the influence is not an affirmative defense.

In Connecticut, having sexual intercourse with someone who cannot give consent is rape.