Creating Change on Campus: What Can I Do?

  • Students Encouraging Consensual Sex (SECS)  is a student group which educates the campus on issues of violence against women and men, and works to prevent the incidence of rape and sexual assault. Programming includes:  The Red Flag Campaign, Voices Raised in Power in November, A Memory, A Monologue  A Rant & A Prayer in February, Take Back the Night  in April, plus speakers, flyer campaigns, and more! SECS meets weekly  in the WGRAC Lounge, 2nd floor, Mather Hall - all are welcome! Contact: for more information. Keep updated on upcoming events on our WGRAC web site

  • It's On Us!  We are all responsibile for ending sexual assault on campus and creating a more respectful campus culture. Join SECS, Greek organizations and SGA members in this campaign! Contact:


  • Bystander Behavior Education:  Students learn and  practice how to be active rather than passive bystanders, with the goal of increasing the awareness and skills of participants to be able to identify and interrupt behaviors that contribute to a community where violence and injustice exists.  This change in behavior has been shown to prevent acts of bias, hate, and violence - sexual violence, in particular.  WGRAC has trained students, coaches, Area Coordinators, and others to present the workshops.  We  would like to engage as many student organizations as possible to help create a campus where students intervene before serious incidents or crimes occur. The workshops are about an hour and fifteen minutes, and we will work with the organization or team to accommodate their schedules. For more information please contact  

  •  If you are interested in becoming a State Certified Sexual Assault Counselor, please contact or call (860) 297-2408.