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The Yippies (Youth International Party), was a group founded in 1967 by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Originally part of the SDS, the Yippies belived in many of the same leftist ideals. The Yippies came to represent the violent, more reckless side to the leftist movement. They were strong advocates of street violence as well as the use of srugs. Hoffman was quoted: "we will burn Chicago to the ground!" "we demand the Politics of ecstasy!" "acid for all" (Democracy is in the Streets, James Miller; Simon and Schuster, New Yourk 1987: p. 286). As wild as these quotes sound, the Yippies were quite serious about their cause. They believed that street violence was the only means of changing government and cilvil organizations. In an effort to rally militant support, they targeted followers of McCarthy and Kennedy to gain internal cohesion.

Although the Yippies ultimately did not succeed in attaining any of their goals, they did catch the attention of the media. In Chicago on August of 1968, they announced that they were going to put acid in the town's water supply. Though they never followed through with this claim, it was, if nothing else, a sure way of getting attention. It took a massive crackdown by authorities to maintain order among such demonastrators.

Although they captured the attention of the nation, the Yippies were destined to be short-lived. The core of their purpose rested in the creation of anarchy. When they mobilized their demonstrations, however, they did so illegally because they were not able to abtain demonstration permits. As a result, their illegal demonstrations were constantly met with police brutality.




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