US Dissent
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by Robert C. Bohn '02


Proponents of War
US Dissent
I created this page as part of a final project for Prof. Figueroa's Historiography class.  This project entails applying the new methodologies available to us through the Internet  Our class has been split into groups and given topics to research.   The results of that research are then posted on the Internet for everyone to see our mistakes. 

I am a member of Group One, the most academically outstanding project group in History 300.  We are studying the turbulent Vietnam Era of America's history.  Each member has a different task to fulfill, so that combined we hope to give the reader/websurfer a good view of Vietnam's impact on America.

I have personally researched individual dissidents who opposed the war such as Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Eldridge Cleaver, and David Dellinger.  I hope to give a brief outline of their biographical background as well as their actions in protest to the war.   The protest movement was so large it is hard to fit in all the main players who influenced the movement.  I hope the individuals I picked will give an archtypical view of American anti-war dissidents. 

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Last Update: 11 May 2000
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