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B.A./M.A. in American Studies

The B.A./M.A. in American Studies at Trinity College is a distinctive opportunity for superior undergraduate students in American Studies or History to receive a B.A. in American Studies or History and a M.A. in American Studies.  In providing an efficient path for completing two degrees in five years, the program is designed to jump-start professional development.

Graduates of the five-year program are well prepared for professional school (business, journalism, law, etc.), a post-secondary teaching position, a Ph.D. program in American Studies or a similar field; or when combined with the graduate-track in museum studies, work in a museum of public history-related field.


Admission to the 5-year program is possible at two junctures in an undergraduate's career.  Truly exceptional candidates may be recruited and admitted as first-year students at Trinity College.  Other outstanding students may apply for admission at the end of their second year of undergraduate study.  Note that this is a highly selective program, so space is limited.  For further details, contact the Faculty Director of the American Studies graduate program.

Admission Materials

    • ​All suuccessful applicants must have achieved and maintained an overall GPA of at least a 3.0 and a GPA in the major (American Studies or History) of at least 3.5;
    • Application form​;
    • Evidence of superior writing and research skills at the end of the sophomore year; and
    • At least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member who is willing to direct the required 3-credit thesis.
​​Please submit all materials to in the first or second year of undergraduate study at Trinity College.


The dual B.A./M.A. in American Studies requires the following courses:

For Students ​Completing the B.A. in American Studies:
Completion of all ​​requirements for the B.A. in American Studies, with the following adjustments:  
        • ​​​2 senior seminars will be taken at the 800-level and be counted toward graduate study; and
        • ​​​​The first semester (research semester) of the 3-credit graduate thesis will count toward the 4-course concentration/track requirement in the major.
​For Students ​Completing the B.A. in History:
Comp​​letion of all requirements for the B.A. in History, with the following adjustment:
        • ​​​​Students may apply 1 credit (the research component) of their 3-credit graduate thesis to fulfill the History Department elective.​
​​​For the M.A. in American Studies (10 course credits):
Completion of all requirements for the M.A. in American Studies, with the following adjustm​​ents:
        • ​​​AMST 801 does not have to be taken; and
        • ​​A three-credit thesis is completed (in lieu of a two-credit one).​
​ ​​
Typical Schedule

1st ​and 2nd Years ​​of Stu​​dy ​Colle​ge general education requirements and lower-level courses in American Studies or History
3rd Year of Study​ ​Upper-division coursework in American Studies or History and defining areas of interest
4th Year of Study​ ​Graduate-level American Studies coursework, including starting of a 3-semester master's-level thesis
5th Year of Study ​Graduate coursework in American Studies and completion of the master's thesis