Student Staff


Bridget Tevnan Tevnan, Bridget.jpg

Class Year: 2014 (December)
Major: Environmental Science & Anthropology
Plans after college: My plans are, and will most likely remain, open. My interests lie in community gardening and urban agriculture, and I hope to find a job that blends my passions for food, community, and sustainability.
Favorite Quote: “And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.’” –Kurt Vonnegut, Man Without a Country
Favorite Movies: Life Aquatic, Man on a Wire, Inside Llewyn Davis
Hobbies: Hiking, backpacking, running, hula hooping, listening and dancing to music, and cooking

Jake Villarreal

Class year: 2017
Major: Global Studies
Plans after college: Law school, community organizing, writing
Favorite quote: "Your silence will not protect you"-Audre Lorde
Favorite Movies: Anything by Quentin Tarantino
Hobbies: Slam poetry, collegiate debate

Shanelle Morris

Class Year: 2016
Major: International Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Minor: Human Rights
Plans after college: Travel as much as possible.
Favorite Quote: ''It's always darkest before the dawn"- Florence and the Machine
Favorite Movies: Avatar, Titanic, Finding Nemo, Spongebob Squarepants Movie,
Hobbies: Sleeping; hanging out with friends and family

Nicole Lukac Lukac, Nicole.jpg

Major: Psychology
Minor: Human Rights
Plans after college: Working with children with emotional and behavioral problems applying to graduate school, traveling with family
Favorite quote: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." –Maya Angelou
Favorite Movie: The Help, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hunger Games
Hobbies: trying new food, exploring new places, hanging out with friends



Shawna BerkIMG_4677.JPG

Class Year: 2013
Major: Chemistry
Plans after college: Travel the world, work for a cosmetic company as a chemist, and learn a new language.
Favorite Quote: "I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being skin deep. That's deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?" - Jean Kerr
Favorite Movies: Mean Girls, Troop Beverly Hills
Hobbies: Doing chemistry homework with a cup of chai tea.


Ada Chai418977_10152129983015221_1176479645_n.jpg

Class Year: 2015
Major: Educational Studies
Plans after college: Start a school in Burma
Favorite Quote: Carpe Diem
Favorite Television Show: Gossip Girl, Southpark
Hobbies: Listening to music, journaling, rugby, volleyball


Stephen ChaseStephen.png

Class Year: 2014
Major: Anthropology
Plans after college: In the process of figuring that out
Favorite Quote: "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result." -Oscar Wilde
Favorite Movies: Six Days, Seven Nights; The Parent Trap; Finding Nemo
Hobbies: Biking, running, dinner with friends, visiting museums, and traveling

Stephanie Garcia

Class Year: 2015
Major: Anthropology
Plans after college: Become a physician, travel as much as possible
Favorite Quote: "To desire rain is to desire mud... The bad comes with the good." – Heart for the Work: Journeys through an African Medical School, Claire Wendland
Favorite Movies: Star Wars Saga, Drive, The Bourne Series, Bodyguards and Assassins
Hobbies: Trying new foods, exploring places with friends, painting my nails all sorts of colors, Redditing

Sarah Gardiner538680_3785833679500_1713036875_n.jpg

Class Year: 2013
Major: Political Science
Plans after college:I'm waist deep in the process of applying to work in account service at advertising agencies in Boston and New York.
Favorite Quote:"Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." -Michael Scott
Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life ... all year round!
Hobbies:Writing, arts & crafts, baking, playing outside, -- I have many things in common with the 6th graders we tutor and mentor at Kennelly.

Sarah Kacevich578818_10150922860246493_661928120_n.jpg

Class Year: 2013
Major: Human Rights Studies
Minor: Hispanic Studies
Plans after college: Enjoying whatever comes my way because generally I enjoy things more that happen by chance, rather than plans!
Favorite Quote: "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned." -- Buddha
Favorite Movies: You've Got Mail, Love & Basketball
Hobbies: Running, sports, drawing/painting, listening to music, hiking, cooking/eating, practicing Spanish & learning Portuguese

Hannah Malenfant527585_3160008559576_204309777_n.jpg

Class Year: 2013
Major: Educational Studies & Anthropology
Minor: Deaf Studies
Plans after college: Go straight to graduate school for a dual masters in Deaf education and Elementary Education
Favorite Quote: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
Favorite Movies: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Transformers, Harry Potter, The Avengers
Hobbies: Knitting, laughing, watching football, going for walks, and baking!

Katie MasiKatie Masi photo.jpeg

Class Year: 2013
Major: Human Rights Studies: Women & Gender
Plans after college: Hopefully work in another country
Favorite Quote: "Jump and the net will appear"
Favorite Movies:  classic Disney movies, Ocean's 11...too many to list, I am indecisive
Hobbies: hanging out with friends and watching movies

Megan O'Brien544735_4004340902155_962309675_n.jpg

Class Year: 2014
Major: Economics & Anthropology
Plans after college: Travel, explore & live my life!
Favorite Quote: "Always leave the earth better than you found it."
Favorite Movies: Titanic, White Chicks
Hobbies: Running, watching movies, partying

Gracie Phillipsuntitled.png

Class Year: 2013
Major: Psychology
Minor: Hispanic Studies
Plans after college: I don't have any set plans for after college as of now, but I'm interested in looking into teaching positions and coordinator positions for after school programs.
Favorite TV Show: 30 Rock (a classic) and New Girl (a new favorite)
Hobbies: Going on adventures, cooking, and eating!!!


Alie Schreiber

Class Year: 2013
Major: Public Policy
Plans after college: Find a job!
Favorite Quote: "..."
Favorite TV Show: Newsroom
Hobbies:  Sailing, community service!



Kasey Ording

Kasey is from Bexley, Ohio. She has been involved with ACES since freshman year and currently serves as one of the co-presidents. She is also a member of PRAXIS (the community service dorm) and is a first-year mentor.

  • Class year: 2012 -Major: Economics
  • Plans after college: Not sure yet, but hopefully something with philanthropy
  • Favorite quote: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" -Joe E. Lewis
  • Favorite movies: Friday Night Lights, Steel Magnolias, Wedding Crashers
  • Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, playing golf, cooking, breaking things (I'm really klutzy…)

Tamar Stevens

Tamar is from Lafayette, California. She has been working in the office since her sophomore year at Trinity. She is a two time Do It Day Site Captain, and has mentored for VAMP. This year, she is President of The Moveable Joints!, Trinity's premiere improv comedy group, and has founded the 80's Teen Movie Club while living in The Fred.

  • Class Year: 2012
  • Major: Film and Media Arts
  • Plans after college: Moving to LA, becoming a big deal, getting my own sitcom, then my own late night talk show called "Tamar Time", etc.
  • Quote: "Every artist was at first an amateur" - Emerson
  • Favorite movie: Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Hobbies: playing things that are competitive, watching TV as it airs, inventing different kinds of sauces, cheese-tasting.

Stephen Chase

Stephen is a sophomore from Wayne, Pennsylvania.  During his freshman year he was a mentor at M.D. Fox and has since worked on transitioning the program to the Kennelly School.  This year Stephen works alongside Sarah Gardiner as co-president of the new program.

  • Class Year: 2014
  • Major: Economics and Anthropology
  • Plans after college:
  • Quote: “Do anything, but let it produce joy.”  -Walt Whitman
  • Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein
  • Favorite place in Hartford: E.B. Kennelly School
  • Hobbies: Biking, boating, flying, curling, and doing things with family and friends.

Mary Morr

Mary really likes kids.  She even was one once, back in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. She has made various appearances at Burns Elementary School, Billings Forge Children’s Peace Choir, Mi Casa Family Services, Hartford Food System, and Trinfo Café throughout her four years at Trinity. She makes more regular appearances at ConnectiKids tutoring, ACES events, and the Hartford Welcome Center. Oh, and she’s the captain of one of Jake’s champion intramural teams. Technically, they’re professional kickball players.

  • Class year: 2012
  • Major: Public Policy – Education Concentration
  • Minor: Community Action – Children’s Rights
  • Plans after College: volunteering abroad, then graduate school for social work so she can get paid for hanging out with kids
  • Favorite quote: “Let’s grow old together. That might be fun.”
  • Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings, extended versions, all three watched in succession
  • Favorite place in Hartford: Sol de Borinquen bakery (where you’ll find her every Sunday morning)
  • Hobbies: dancing, speaking Spanish, being a mountaineer

Monica Au-Yeung

Originally from Philadelphia (yes, it's sunny there), Monica is currently battling a major case of senioritis but can still be found in the Community Service Office throughout the week. No matter your interest on campus, she highly recommends tying community service to it because the possibilities are endless.

  • Class year: 2012
  • Major: Biochemistry & Environmental Science
  • Plans after college:  Work in some sort of lab for a bit, Peace Corps, possibly med school.
  • Favorite quote: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu; "Success is easy, but so is neglect." Jim Rohn
  • Favorite movie: The Little Rascals
  • Hobbies: Listening and playing music, rugby, watching movies, reading.

Katie Masi

Katie is a junior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Majoring in Human Rights with a focus on women and gendered rights, Katie can usually be found in the Community Service Office when not in class. During her Sophomore year, she joined PRAXIS (the Community Service Dorm) and has returned for the Spring semester. Katie spent last semester studying Women's Studies at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. On campus, Katie serves as the Co-Fundraising Coordinator of Trinity's chapter of Habitat for Humanity and is highly active in the Darfur Coalition.

  • Class year: 2013
  • Major: Human Rights
  • Favorite Quote: "Jump and the net will appear" - Nick Masi


Jake Prosnit

Jake was born in New York, New York. His parents meanly moved him to Fairfield, Connecticut at the age of 2 and has lived there ever since. At Trinity he was one of the founders of the M.D. Fox Mentoring Program, a new program which pairs Trinity College students with students at M.D. Fox at elementary. He is on the Hillel board, a member of PRAXIS (the community service dorm) and avid intramural sports athlete (three championships thus far).
Class year: 2012
  • Major: History
  • Minor: ESPN
  • Plans after college: Take over the world or teach
  • Favorite quote: "DO IT DAY IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT" -Joe Barber
  • Favorite movie: Back to the Future, Saving Private Ryan, and The Sandlot
  • Favorite book: Watership Down
  • Favorite place in Hartford: M.D. Fox Elementary School
  • Hobbies: Sports, tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, squash bocce, curling, reading, hiking, eating, juggling, and bird-calls.

Joseph Laws

Raised with a pack of wolves in Montana. Found by local law enforcement during a raid on a French crack house in 1995, approximate age was listed as 4-20 years old. Sold prescription pencil grips to buy his way into Trinity (his financial contribution to get accepted was tied into the Pepsi contract to finish the Ice Rink).
  • Class year: 2012
  • Major: History of Hillary Clinton's pants suites.
  • Minor: English Literature w/ a concentration in Microsoft Word.
  • Plans after college: Be the first man to walk on the moon. (Neil Armstrong is actually a robotic walrus. He just uses a really good makeup artist.)
  • Favorite quote: "Change is inevitable, except from vending machines." ...Unknown
  • Favorite movie: I'm Illiterate. (That's with a capital I.)
  • Favorite place in Hartford: Stop and Shop -Wethersfield
  • Hobbies:  Listening to Joe Barber cuss out Google Maps.

Kasey Ording

Kasey is from Bexley, Ohio. She has been involved with ACES since freshman year, and currently serves as one of the co-presidents. She is also a member of School Supplies for Little Guys, Italian club, the Ivy Yearbook staff, a volunteer at Cinestudio, and is a first-year mentor.
  • Class Year: 2012
  • Major: Economics
  • Plans after college: Hopefully something with philanthropy.
  • Quote: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."   - Joe E. Lewis
  • Favorite movie: Steel Magnolias
  • Hobbies: running, cooking, playing golf, doing things with friends and family.

Katie Masi

Katie was born in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida and misses the heat of Sofla. She just cannot get used to the ever changing New England weather. In high school, she did a lot of work with her local children’s hospital and at Trinity she is the Fundraising Co-Chair of Habitat for Humanity. This year, Katie lives in PRAXIS and she is loving it!
  • Class year: 2013
  • Major: leaning towards Human Rights
  • Minor: Community Action with a concentration on Public Health and Policy
  • Plans after College: live in NYC for a year or two and then go to graduate school
  • Favorite quote: “Jump and the net will appear”
  • Favorite movie: classic Disney movies, Ocean's 11...too many to list, I am indecisive
  • Favorite book: Eat, Pray, Love
  • Hobbies: hanging out with friends and watching movies

Monica Au-Yeung

Monica loves working in the Community Service Office because everyone is so friendly and welcoming! But when she's not in the office, she's either in class, doing science research, playing rugby, or at an event for her sorority, Zeta Omega Eta. She believes a college experience is not complete without getting involved so that is exactly what she's doing.
  • Class year: 2012
  • Major: Biochemistry & Environmental Science
  • Plans after college:  Peace Corps or Med School, depending on test scores, or just lots of traveling
  • Favorite quote: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu
  • Favorite movie: The Little Rascals
  • Favorite place in Hartford: Bushnell
  • Hobbies: Instrumental music

Nafe Tengatenga

Nafe is from Blantyre, Malawi. At Trinity,she is involved with Cinestudio, the iHouse and the  Track Team. She is also an RA in North Campus and  she co-coordinated the 12th Annual Do It Day last summer.
Class year: 2013
  • Major: Political Science
  • Minor: French
  • Plans after college: Grad school and travelling the world
  • Favorite quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
  • Favorite movie: Coco Before Channel
  • Favorite place in Hartford: The swings at Bushnell Park
  • Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, sightseeing.

Navneet Kaur

Navneet is a junior, neuroscience and psychology double-major from Waterbury, CT.  She is a consultant at the computing help desk, does neuroscience research with Professor Raskin and retrospective research at the pediatric gastroenterology department of CCMC.
  • Class year: 2012
  • Major: Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Plans after college: Plans to go to medical school after graduating from Trinity College.
  • Favorite movie: Fanatic of bollywood movies; P.S. I Love You
  • Hobbies: Computers, phones, soccer, and dancing

Sarah Gardiner

Sarah was born and raised north of Boston in Swampscott, Massachusetts. As a freshman she became a M.D. Fox mentor and second semester she joined the executive board of the program. This year she returns as co-president. Sarah’s favorites at Trinity include Sushi Wednesday, movies at the Cinestudio, and befriending stray cats on campus.
  • Class year: 2013
  • Major: Political Science
  • Minor: Writing, Rhetoric & Media Arts
  • Plans after college: I still have time to figure that out…right?
  • Favorite quote:  “Before I do anything I ask myself  ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing.” –Dwight Schrute
  • Favorite movie: What About Bob?
  • Favorite place in Hartford: M.D. Fox Elementary
  • Hobbies: Tennis, Dancing, Baking, Zumba, Watching bad reality television