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Student Staff 2011-2012

Kasey Ording

Kasey is from Bexley, Ohio. She has been involved with ACES since freshman year and currently serves as one of the co-presidents. She is also a member of PRAXIS (the community service dorm) and is a first-year mentor.

-Class year: 2012 -Major: Economics
-Plans after college: Not sure yet, but hopefully something with philanthropy
-Favorite quote: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" -Joe E. Lewis
-Favorite movies: Friday Night Lights, Steel Magnolias, Wedding Crashers
-Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, playing golf, cooking, breaking things (I'm really klutzy…)


Tamar Stevens

Tamar is from Lafayette, California. She has been working in the office since her sophomore year at Trinity. She is a two time Do It Day Site Captain, and has mentored for VAMP. This year, she is President of The Moveable Joints!, Trinity's premiere improv comedy group, and has founded the 80's Teen Movie Club while living in The Fred.

-Class Year: 2012
-Major: Film and Media Arts
-Plans after college: Moving to LA, becoming a big deal, getting my own sitcom, then my own late night talk show called "Tamar Time", etc.
-Quote: "Every artist was at first an amateur" - Emerson
-Favorite movie: Some Kind of Wonderful
-Hobbies: playing things that are competitive, watching TV as it airs, inventing different kinds of sauces, cheese-tasting.



Stephen Chase

Stephen is a sophomore from Wayne, Pennsylvania.  During his freshman year he was a mentor at M.D. Fox and has since worked on transitioning the program to the Kennelly School.  This year Stephen works alongside Sarah Gardiner as co-president of the new program.

-Class Year: 2014
-Major: Economics and Anthropology
-Plans after college:
-Quote: “Do anything, but let it produce joy.”  -Walt Whitman
-Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein
-Favorite place in Hartford: E.B. Kennelly School
-Hobbies: Biking, boating, flying, curling, and doing things with family and friends.

Mary Morr

Mary really likes kids.  She even was one once, back in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. She has made various appearances at Burns Elementary School, Billings Forge Children’s Peace Choir, Mi Casa Family Services, Hartford Food System, and Trinfo Café throughout her four years at Trinity. She makes more regular appearances at ConnectiKids tutoring, ACES events, and the Hartford Welcome Center. Oh, and she’s the captain of one of Jake’s champion intramural teams. Technically, they’re professional kickball players.

-Class year: 2012
-Major: Public Policy – Education Concentration
-Minor: Community Action – Children’s Rights
-Plans after College: volunteering abroad, then graduate school for social work so she can get paid for hanging out with kids
-Favorite quote: “Let’s grow old together. That might be fun.”
-Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings, extended versions, all three watched in succession
-Favorite place in Hartford: Sol de Borinquen bakery (where you’ll find her every Sunday morning)
-Hobbies: dancing, speaking Spanish, being a mountaineer

Monica Au-Yeung

Originally from Philadelphia (yes, it's sunny there), Monica is currently battling a major case of senioritis but can still be found in the Community Service Office throughout the week. No matter your interest on campus, she highly recommends tying community service to it because the possibilities are endless.

 -Class year: 2012
-Major: Biochemistry & Environmental Science
-Plans after college:  Work in some sort of lab for a bit, Peace Corps, possibly med school.
-Favorite quote: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu; "Success is easy, but so is neglect." Jim Rohn
-Favorite movie: The Little Rascals
-Hobbies: Listening and playing music, rugby, watching movies, reading.