Civic Involvement + Community Building


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The purpose of Trinity AdoptAPlatoon is to pair Trinity students with American soldiers overseas through a pen-pal support program. This not only boosts the morale of our troops overseas but also provides students with a unique and rewarding volunteer experience. The AdoptAPlatoon national organization, a 501 c(3) non-profit, has been pairing supporters to soldiers since 1998 and it is the organization we work with closely during the soldier adoption and pen pal process.
Trinity AdoptAPlatoon will assist members in the adoption process and provide members with all necessary mailing materials (envelopes, stamps, etc.) Members personally adopt one soldier each through AdoptAPlatoon and send one letter/article/postcard etc. every week to their soldier until the end of their deployment.We have had soldiers in four different countries this past semester and twelve members writing to them. Please email if you are interested!

Annual Community Events Staff (ACES)


ACES runs most of the major annual community service events on campus, including Halloween on Vernon Street, Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive, Sponsor-A-Snowman, Hartford Interval House Holiday Party, Annual Auction for Charity, Souper Bowl, and Fun Fair.  

Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (ConnPIRG)

  • Global Warming Solutions

  • Health Care Initiatives

  • Hunger and Homelessness

  • Student Debt

  • Transportation

Trinity's local chapter of the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (ConnPIRG), as part of the larger US Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), works to make social change based on current public interests at a local, national and global scale.  This nonprofit activist organization chooses the most pressing social matters for campaigns each year. ConnPIRG at Trinity educates students on these particular issues, sends advocates to the state governmental level, and hosts events to raise awareness among students on campus. At Trinity, the organization's work includes educating students on alternative energy and conservation, both sides of the debate on health care and why it matters to us as students, how our public transit system could be improved, and the ways we as a student body can contribute to alleviating hunger and homelessness.  

Fred Pfeil Community Project (The Fred)

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Begun at the start of the 2006-2007 academic year, the Fred Pfeil Community Project is a student-run campus living alternative named after beloved Professor of English, Fred Pfeil, who died of cancer in December 2005.  The purpose of The Fred is to create a comfortable and vibrant space for all students to unite social, cultural, and intellectual interests, thereby enriching campus life. Housed in Summit East residence hall, the Fred sponsors weekly Friday night social events (e.g., open mic nights, game nights, movies, improvisational theater, etc.) and about a dozen theme groups, which include a wide range of academic and cultural topics, including feminism, hip-hop, spirituality, radical politics, current events, Scrabble, and cultural awareness.  Each member is expected to be an active member in one of these themes, in addition to being a generally active presence in the Fred community. 

Friends Active in Civic Engagement and Service (FACES)


FACES is comprised of representatives from all the groups on campus who participate in some sort of community service or civic engagement work, the purpose of which is to provide student groups committed to service a place to meet, learn, and collaborate with each other. 

Cardinal Newman Society

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Founded in 1993, Cardinal Newman Society helps renew and strengthen the Catholic community in higher education settings. A national organization, we have societies all over the country at both Catholic and non-denominational schools. We strive for community in our weekly meetings and service projects. 

Last semester we attended the Catholic Worker site in downtown Hartford twice a week to work with the youth at their after school program, we participated in weekly mass, had weekly dinners and discussions, and went to New Orleans to work replanting the wetlands, and cleaning up neighborhoods of those devastated by the storm. 

We are currently located at the Interfaith House, 155 Allen Place Our adviser is Catholic Chaplain John Campbell (


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PRAXIS is a residence-based community service program established by and for students with the purpose of creating an environment that actively promotes and engages students in community involvement and building within the residence hall, on campus, and with the Hartford community. Students are housed together in Doonesbury and are expected to do at least 3 hours of community service a week. Applications for PRAXIS are available every spring semester.
Learn more about Praxis.