As you prepare for your time studying away from the Trinity College campus, there are many things to consider and plan for, including submitting a strong and compelling program application , financing your time away, health and safety, passports and visas, optomizing student discounts along the way, getting good deals on travel arrangements, and learning about your new temporary home, to name just a few.
The links below are for you to use as a guide when you are considering and planning for all of these factors.  None of these sites, companies or agencies are endorsed by the college but we provide them as a reference. 

 Application and Scholarship Preparation

Many study away programs and scholarships are highly competitive and submiting a strong application with a well written essay can determine if you get accepted or not.

The OSA strongly recommends that students seek out support and assistance from the Trinity College Writing Center‚Äč when completing program and scholarship applications.

Government Resources

Health + Safety

Passport Photos & International Student ID Cards

Communications Abroad

There are many options for communicating with friends and family from afar. You will learn about the best options for the country/region that you are going to during orientation for your program.

Money Matters

  • Finding ATMs Abroad: Research your bank. Some U.S. banks have relationships with banks in every country so that ATM fees are waived, or much lower than using an unaffiliated ATM. You should learn more about specifics on how to get access to cash in the country you are going to during your program's orientation.
  • XE:  Currency Exchange.  You can also print out currency conversion cheatsheets to reference
  • Go Currency: currency converter and other information on currency and exchange
  • International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)*

 *Also visit out page on Scholarships and Financial Aid for more ways to help finance your time away. 

Readings and publications for international travel

  Special Interest