The Program

Program Highlights

  • The University of Vienna offers regular courses to students in English (indeed, in three other languages: German, French, and Italian). This allows Trinity College students not yet fluent in German to take regular courses taught in many departments.
  • The program integrates Trinity students academically, fully immersing them with degree-seeking students from Austria in classes taught by University of Vienna faculty.
  • Students on the program receive excellent intensive courses in German, allowing them to make rapid improvement in the language.
​Course ​Credits
​Intensive German Language—February course
​1.0 credit
​Program core class—VIEN 110: Thought and Culture of Vienna
​1.0 credit
​Philosophy core class—VIEN 341: Issues in Contemporary Central European Philiosophy (required for philosophy majors; optional for other students) ​1.0 credit
​Semester German language (optional) ​1.0 credit
​1-3 regular courses at the University of Vienna ​1.0 credit each                

Students arrive in Vienna in late January or early February and enroll in an intensive three-week German course at the appropriate Vienna Streetlevel through the Wiener Internationale Hochschulkurse, affiliated with the University of Vienna. The intensive language course gives students a strong foundation in the German language, while allowing continuing German students to further develop their language skills. Once the intensive language course ends, students have the option of continuing their language study for the duration of the semester, which is highly recommended.
All students enroll in the program’s core course, Thought and Culture of Vienna, taught by the Trinity-in-Vienna On-Site Director, Gerhard Unterthurner. This class is offered for students on the program and is designed to introduce them to the city and its rich history, politics, and culture. Philosophy majors and students interested in philosophy take a philosophy core course, Issues in Contemporary Central European Philosophy, taught by Professor Erik Vogt at the University of Vienna. In addition, students enroll in 1-2 other classes at the University of Vienna. Classes are offered in English, German, French, and other languages.  Classes typically offer 1.0 credit each.
The program includes excursions in and around Vienna and trips to Salzburg and Graz. Students have the option of completing an exploratory internship for .50 credit in a local museum or cultural organization, as space allows; options include the Jewish Museum and the Freud Museum.

The University of Vienna

The University of Vienna, founded in 1365 by the Habsburg Duke Rudolph IV, enrolls 86,000 students from over 130 different countries and offers more than 135 undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university has six faculties: Economic and Computer Science; Human and Social Studies; Humanities; Catholic Theology; Protestant Theology; Law; and Sciences and Mathematics. The University of Vienna is one Europe’s most attractive urban universities. The main campus, located in the center of the city on the Ringstrasse, is the home of numerous departments, the university administration, the library, and a newly constructed auditorium. In 1998, the University of Vienna opened a nearby campus on the grounds of the former General Hospital; this houses many departments of the humanities in a popular area full of restaurants and shops.

Program Prerequisites

All students must be in good academic and social standing with a preferred minimum GPA of 3.0. Although prior study of German is not required, it is recommended that students have a minimum of one year of college-level German or the equivalent prior to participating in the program.

Program Dates

The program begins in late January or early February. Students study intensive German for the first three weeks of the program and begin the program core course during this period. Most University of Vienna courses begin in March, but some intensive “block” courses begin later in the semester, including Professor Vogt’s philosophy core course. Students complete their studies by late June.

Housing and Meals

Students live in international student residence halls in central Vienna. The residence halls are modern with excellent facilities. Students prepare simple meals in the basic kitchen facilities located in the residence halls or eat in local restaurants.

Expenses/Deposits/Financial Aid

Students participating in the Trinity-in-Vienna international program are billed for Trinity tuition, housing, and fees. Students are responsible for paying for their own meals. Students who receive financial aid from Trinity College will have that aid transferred to the program each semester. Application for the transfer of financial aid must be made early and in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid. Upon acceptance to their particular program, all participants will receive detailed information about applicable credits, personal expense estimates, and an orientation packet.

Application Information

All Trinity students who wish to study away are required to submit a Request to Study Away by the first week of December of the academic year prior to study.
Requests to Study Away during the 2012-2013 academic year will be done online.  This new system will be available in November 2011 and information and instructions will be provided to all students from the Office of Study Away.  You may also contact the OSA with any questions about the Request process.