Office, Faculty + Staff

Ms. Shamagne Bertrand

On-Site Program Director

Shamagne has over 25 years administrative experience in banking, law, manufacturing, human resources, and festival administration.  She holds a National Craftsman Diploma and a diploma in management. She is also a member of a parang group, Los Amigos Cantadores, and a patois choir, "Vini Chante."

Dr. Armando Garcia de la Torre

Core Course Professor and Academic Advisor

Dr. García specialises in the history of Cuba, of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, in Latin America and in World History. His current research interests are in the late 19th century Cuban independence leader, José Martí and the global dimensions of his anti-colonialism. He teaches courses on colonial and modern Latin America; on the African Diaspora in Latin America; and on Latin American foreign relations. Dr. García won a Ministry of Culture research grant from the Kingdom of Spain (2006), a faculty research and development grant while at Eastern Washington University, and most recently held a visiting assistant professorship in modern African and Afro-Latin American history at Portland State University (Oregon). His recent publications include “The Contradictions of Late Nineteenth-Century Nationalist Doctrines: Three Keys to the ‘Globalism’ of Martí’s Nationalism” in the Journal of Global History and is currently working on a book that uncovers a “global” José Martí.​

Mr. Tony Hall

Artist in Residence and Lecturer in Festival Arts and Drama

Tony Hall, acclaimed Trinidad playwrite and filmmaker, teaches  Festival and Drama (an optional course in the fall) and Festival Arts as Cultural Performance (a required course in the spring).  Tony is a graduate, in drama, of the University of Alberta in Canada. He taught filmaking  and playwriting at the Trinity College Hartford Campus and has directed his own play Jean and Dinah  and Derek Wolcott's  Ti Jean  and His Brothers at Trinity.  He is the founder and head of Lordstreet Theatre in Trinidad. Please see his CV​ for more information.