All students studying on the Trinity in Trinidad program are required to complete an academic internship, which will be graded and will be the equivalent to 1.0 academic credit.

An internship in an international setting can be very rewarding but demands patience, flexibility and sensitivity. The purpose of the Trinidad internships is to expose students to different neighborhoods and communities while enabling students to investigate a particular interest or career option.  The emphasis is on field experience, which is complemented by a written paper at the end of the semester, as well as a supervisor’s assessment of the student’s performance.  During the internship process, the student will receive advice and support from the Trinity in Trinidad staff , as well as the internship supervisor at the organization who will oversee your progress.

Sample placements include positions in journalism, law, theater, public policy, the sciences, engineering, music, dance, television, human rights, education, and religion.
Internship placement organziations include:
1.    Christo Adonis, Forest Ranger, Shaman to the Indigenous Community; Herbalist/ Parang Singer/ Composer
This internship is conducted in the forested areas of the country and students work directly with Mr. Adonis. Students are taught to identify herbs and their   medicinal value to the    herbs and the medicinal. This  internships also  includes    working  with  and  participating in  cultural  activities of the  first peoples  of the island.

2.    Caribbean Communications Network Limited/ One Caribbean Media   
Sports Journalist at One Caribbean Media Group of Companies
Regional   Television Network which owns Trinidad Express Newspapers and
TV6- Television Station
Student receives hands-on experience in Television journalism. Required to work alongside a journalist, preparing scripts, sourcing video clips for   stories to be aired, and attending activities.

3.    Medical Associates Hospital
 Medical Associates Private Hospital- the provider of a most comprehensive array of high quality medical services.
Students are permitted to enter the operating theatre and observe doctors   performing various types of surgeries. Students engage in research supervised by one of the   resident doctors. 

4.    Christopher Cozier
Christopher Cozier is an artist and writer living and working in Trinidad. He holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from Rutgers University. He is a member of the editorial collective of Small Axe, A Caribbean Journal of Criticism, distributed by Duke University Press.
Students work at both the artist’s residence and at Alice Yard (a small theatre space).  The work involves both theory and practical and is not limited to any specific genre of art.  The student is limited only by his or her imagination. Past students have done photography, created murals, etc.  All student work is exhibited at Alice Yard.
5.    Lordstreet Theatre
Mr. Hall studied drama at the University of Alberta (1969-73) and explored advanced television production at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (1978-80).
Mr. Hall has led drama courses at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad, at University of Winchester (King Alfred campus), England and at University of Bradford, UK. He has been Artist in Residence at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA, between 1998 and 2007, where he directed plays and worked with student actors and playwrights and with young filmmakers at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Tony has also been on-site Academic Director at Trinity College's Trinity-in-Trinidad Global Learning Site and at present is exploring 'Festival Arts as Cultural Performance' at the site.
Internship Activity: This internship provides the students with hands-on experience in the production of a play. The students are exposed to every aspect of production.

6.    The Cyril Ross Nursery
A Home for children living with HIV/AIDS.  The Cyril Ross Nursery is an Institution owned and operated by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a catholic charity. It houses thirty-five (35) children and is responsible for the medical management of thirty other children living with their Parents and or Guardians in different parts of Trinidad and Tobago.     

7.    Des-Sounds Productions Company (A Video  Production house)
Desiree  Sampson
Television Producer/Filmmaker. Ms. Sampson has a BA  Film, Broadcast Comm. (NY).; MA Film  Studies (Ohio University).  She interned at NBC studios at Rockefeller Centre  NY 2004 and was the Assistant producer- Government television Station (Trinidad)
Internship Activity: The  student is required to prepare a documentary.  Ms. Sampson takes the student out on  professional  shoots which she may be  engaged in at the time and offers tutoring and guidance.

8.    Integrated Land Environment Settlement Initiatives Ltd ( Ilesi  Ltd.)
Mr. Iva Laughlin is  a  Human Settlement Consultant and Practitioner/ Land Surveyor
This is an outdoors internship. The student accompanies Mr. Laughlin to the sites on which he is working. Research work is also involved.

9.    Liliput Dance Theatre
Artistic Director/ Founder of Lilliput Foundation For the Arts and the Nobel Douglas Dance Company Inc. 
Ms. Douglas was trained at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York and London and the London College of Dance and Drama. She is a recipient of the country’s second highest award, the Hummingbird Medal, Gold and in 2012 was chosen by the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper foundation as one of T&T’s 50 Most Influential People.
Lilliput Theatre teaches drama to children aged 7 to 18 and dance to children aged 3 to 18. It was founded in1975 and encourages self-confidence through the challenge of theatre, game play and imagination. Founder and artistic director, Noble Douglas, and Wendell Manwarren of 3Canal lead the theatre’s production team.

10.    Lyndersay Digital
Professional photographer/Photojournalist/Writer
Mark is a professional photographer and journalist working in Trinidad and Tobago over the last thirty-five years. He has worked in corporate communications, editorial management and his work has appeared in a wide range of publications both as a writer and photographer. As a photographer, he is principally a portrait artist with an emphasis on environmental portraiture and photojournalism along with a strong interest in architectural photography. Currently, he lectures in photography at UWI's Film School and taught previously at the John Donaldson Technical Institute.

11.    Arima  Boys  Roman Catholic  School (5-12)
The Arima Boys’ Roman Catholic School celebrated its 125th anniversary at the conclusion of 2011. It caters for boys from five to   twelve years of age. While it is  a denominational  school it is maintained  and  financed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.
Students work alongside a teacher in a classroom   for a full workday observing the British system of education.  Student can request a specific age group. The student is also expected to assist with any activity in which the  class is participating eg- carnival band.

12.    Rape  Crisis  Centre   
The Centre offers free and professional counseling and referral services to persons with the following social problems: Rage, Child Sexual Abuse/Incest, Domestic Violence, Family Problems, and Personal Conflicts
Students work at the Centre   under the supervision of psychologists. Students are required to   accompany psychologists to schools and other places to which they are assigned. Research is also required.

13.    Credo Foundation For  Justice
The Credo Foundation for Justice was established by members of the Holy Faith Sisters and partners in 1993. Credo Foundation For Justice now has under its umbrella: (a) Sofia House, a home for socially displaced girls, (b) Drop In and Development Center (c) Aylward House transitional home for young men (d) Parent Empowerment Programme
Internship activity: Student is required to work closely one on one with  the assigned student.  The internship involves teaching  reading  at the elementary  level, mentoring and assisting with homework .

14.    St. Mary’s Children’s Home
The St. Mary’s Children’s Home at Tacarigua opened on July 12, 1857. It accommodates and cares for abused children and orphans.
Students work alongside counselors and psychologists to mentor the children/ assist with duties as  assigned by the officials. 

15.    Prof. Walton Looklai
Dr.  Looklai supervises student research in Chinese studies and is considered the foremost authority on the subject in Trinidad.  He has had several publications but he continues his research and writings even after his retirement.
Students conduct research about Chinese culture and studies and are closely supervised by Mr.Looklai.

16.    Coalition Against Domestic Violence
ChildLine is  a non-governmental organization dedicated to child welfare and protection. It is a hotline service offered by CADV.
Students work alongside psychologists who work with children.

17.    The Islamic Academy
Over 30 years old, the organisation has been very active in Trinidad and Tobago community. Educational programmes are conducted on an on-going basis at the Islamic Academy and are comprised of Islamic pre-school, primary school, and civics classes, and vocational training for sisters.
This internship is shaped depending on the needs of the students. 

18.    Birdsong Academy – Prof. Clement Imbert
The birdsong Academy was founded in 2004   to provide functional music literacy.
Student should be a music student prepared to volunteer to teach an instrument  to  teenagers. 

19.    Banyan Television
Christopher Laird is the current chair of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company.  He is the co Founder- Banyan Television Ltd. (Pioneer Video Production house – Caribbean) and  Gayelle  the Channel ( First  TV Channel in the region to run  24hrs of  Caribbean Programming). He is the holder of an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the West Indies  for this  contribution to  the  Film Industry in the Caribbean. Chris is also a lecturer at the Dept. Of Film Studies – UWI  St Aug.
Students will work alongside a mentor and learn the process behind film production and will get a hands-on experience of the Trinidadian film industry.

20.    Malick  Folk Performing Company
Louis Me Williams is the current Head the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, UWI, the Coordinator of the Theatre Arts Unit and lecturer in Theatre Arts and Dance. Mr.  Mc Williams is the holder of a Master of Arts Degree from York University, Toronto. 

21.    Paria Publishing Co. Limited
Paria Publishing Co. Limited specializes in museum creation. Interns will work alongside mentors Gerald Besson- a Historical Archivist, and Alice Besson who holds a M.A. in social and business communication. 
Students will have options of working in book preparation, historical research- folklore or historical that can be put into publishable form for submission to academia, library archival work, improving archives (hard copies and digital, visual arts, editing, tourism, researching historiographies, research and challenges to research in the region and how it is being solved or how it interfaces with building tourism industry, architecture, commercial art).

22.    National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago
The National Archives of Trinidad and Tobagoa Acquires public and private records of enduring value regardless of format, Cares for and preserve records acquired according to international archival standards, Provides guidance and technical advice on the management of public records, Provides secondary storage facilities to Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments for semi-active records, Provides access to information from our holdings through our Reference Facility, Provides advice on the preservation of records, including disaster recovery.
Students will sort and categorize catalogs, maps, and photos. They will also assist attendants with daily routine assignments.

23.    National Museum and Art Gallery
The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago is the country's most important museum. It displays depictions of national festivals, Carnival, life during the World War II and artifacts from the country's earliest settlers, the Amerindians. There are also displays by leading local and international artists. The museum was established in 1892 and was originally called the Royal Victoria Institute, as it was built as part of the preparation for Queen Victoria's jubilee.
Students will regularly clean and upgrade exhibits, help to mount monthly exhibits, sort inventory and art work, assist attendants with daily routine assignments.