Summer Scholarships

Trinity College is pleased to announce a new Rome Campus Summer Scholarship in order to help students defray the costs of studying abroad in Italy. Both Trinity College and visiting students are eligible. Awards will be based upon both need and merit, as determined by students’ financial aid status, academic records, references, essay, and other information included in the scholarship application and the program application. Estimated award amounts are as follows:

3-Week Program:

2 awards x $2,500

1 award x $1,000

5-Week Program:

1 award x $5,000

3 awards x $3,000

Scholarship Application Process

Students are able to apply for a Rome Campus scholarship at the same time as they are applying for the summer program. As part of the Summer Program application, you will be asked whether you would like to apply. Students who click “yes” will be prompted to fill out a scholarship application.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed after the application deadline of March 15, and recipients will be notified of any award in mid-April.

Supplemental Materials Required

In addition to the materials required as part of the summer program application, students applying for a scholarship will need to submit the following:

  • Updated resume including any honors and awards
  • Financial aid status/award letter
  • Essay (see instructions below)

Essay Instructions

Please respond to the following topic in 500 words or less:

Over the centuries, Rome - or the idea of Rome - has meant many things to many different individuals, who have been drawn to the city's history, art, architecture, and culture.  Tell the Committee specifically what draws you to Rome, how the Summer Program fits in with your overall course of study, and how receiving a scholarship would enable you to pursue this topic(s).  



Please direct all questions regarding to the Trinity College Rome Campus Summer Scholarship to Melissa Scully, OSA Study Away Advisor and Assistant Director.