Five Week Program


The Trinity College Rome Campus: Five-Week Summer program offers coursework in Art History, Cultural Studies, Religion and Italian language.

  • Enroll in two courses for a total of two Trinity credits (6-8 semester hours)

  • Courses taught by faculty from Italy and around Europe, as well as faculty from Trinity College in Hartford

  • Language of instruction is English (except for Italian language courses)

  • Study abroad students are not required to study Italian during the summer program, although are encouraged to do so.


​Below you will find a list of courses that are scheduled to be offered at the Trinity College Rome Campus during the Five-Week Summer Program 2015. As a program participant, you will choose two courses:



Name & Number



Intensive Introductory Italian (ROME 101)


A course designed to develop a basic ability to read, write, understand and speak Italian. Prof. Elena Fossà or Prof. Ivana Rinaldi (1.5 Trinity credits = 6 semester hours). 


Intermediate Italian 1: Italian through Popular Song (ROME 201)



This course is designed for students at the intermediate level who wish to increase their knowledge of the Italian language through a fruitful, engaging, and creative approach focused on Italian popular songs. Students learn the “special” language of Italian songs, as well as the history and trends of contemporary Italy. Prerequisite: Italian 102 or equivalent. Prof. Elena Fossà or Prof. Ivana Rinaldi (1 Trinity credits = 4 semester hours).


20th Century Italy (ROME 345)

Cultural Studies

A course on the political, economic, and cultural aspects of Italian history in the 20th century. Topics include regional contrasts, migration, war, fascism, the Cold War, family, mafia, terrorism, corruption, and European integration. (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours).


The City of Rome (ROME 250) 


Cultural Studies

We will trace the profile and examine the fabric of the Eternal City from ancient to contemporary times, from insula to borgata. We will explore the city not as a showplace of famous monuments but as a complex pattern of historical, political, and social elements that have shaped its distinctive character. Classroom lectures alternate with site visits in Rome. Assignments include readings from a variety of disciplines and field research.  Prof. Valentina Dorato or Prof. Jan Gadeyne (1 course credit = 4 semester hours).

Renaissance and Baroque Art of Rome (ROME 282)

Art History

This survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture focuses on the works of Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini, and Borromini. The course includes visits to monuments, galleries, and the Vatican museums. (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours).


Food & Culture in Rome (ROME 235) - CANCELED FOR SUMMER 2015

Cultural Studies

In this course we will examine the relationship between food and culture in Italy from the Romans to the present. Topics include the roles of food in trade, belief systems, and the arts; regional differences; and the language of food. The seminar is supplemented by fieldwork in Rome. Prof. Valentina Dorato (1 course credit = 4 semester hours).


Myth, Rite and Sacrament (RELIGION 184) 


A phenomenological approach to the study of religion through an examination of the nature of religious consciousness and its modes of expression, including its symbolic and artistic forms. Special emphasis is given to the nature of sacred space, the varieties of religious experiences and their relations to myths and rituals. The course includes actual visits or “walk arounds” to sacred places throughout Rome that will serve as illustrations of the various symbolic forms discussed in the course. (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours)


Academic Policies 

Students on Trinity College Summer Study Away programs remain fully registered at Trinity, and credits and grades earned overseas on these programs are granted on the same basis as those obtained on campus. Depending on the program, students can earn up to two Trinity credits during summer study away (6-8 semester hours).

Students must enroll and complete the courses required for their program. For the five week program this is enrollment and completion of two courses. For the three week program this is one course.  

Course Registration 

You are asked to list the courses you intend to take as part of the Trinity College Summer Study Away Application​. All registration is handled by Trinity College Study Away – you do not register yourself for summer study away classes. If you would like to make a change to your course preferences AFTER you have submitted your application, please contact Zachary Macinnes.


Add/drop takes place during the first two days of the classes only, and all schedule changes must be made in consultation with the Faculty Director of your study abroad program and the Office of Study Away.

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal from a Trinity College Study Away summer course once on-site is NOT permitted except in the case of serious illness or family crisis. No refunds will be issued.​​​​​


Applications will open for Summer 2016 Summer programs in November 2015.

Please contact the Summer Programs Coordinator to request to be notified once applications open.

Included Academic Excursion
Five-Week Program participants have the opportunity to travel to Naples, Capri and Pompeii as part of an Academic Excursion. (Not offered during three-week program).