Rome Summer Admissions


Students interested in applying to the 2014 Rome Summer Program will be required to complete the online application.    If you encounter any issues, please contact the Trinity College Office of International Programs at 860-297-2005.  Thank you!
Non-Trinity students may also complete the online application form and submit an Official Transcript from their home institution and the $50 application fee.  Your application will be considered complete when we receive your transcript and application fee at the OSA in Hartford, CT AND the final online application form submitted.  If you have any questions on this process, please be in touch with the Office of International Programs at (860)297-2005.
Send all materials to:
Trinity College Summer Programs
Office of Study Away
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106-3100
For all students, admissions decisions will be made within three weeks of your complete, submitted application.

Summer Nuts and Bolts

  • Payment schedule: A nonrefundable $1000 deposit toward the comprehensive fee is due upon acceptance of admission. The balance for summer programs is due in full before the departure date.  Please forward your deposit to the Office of Study Away at the address above.
  • Acceptance: Students must communicate acceptance within two weeks or sooner of admission to the program. Upon acceptance, each student must pay the deposit and complete all legal and required documents online for their program. 
  • Passports: Each participant is required to have a passport that is valid at least six months beyond the end date of their  program.  This is required by European Union law and is not a Trinity College requirement. Any participant without a suitably valid passport must obtain one immediately upon acceptance of admission to the program. Instructions for obtaining or renewing a passport may be found at the state department web site. (If you are a non-US citizen a visa may be required for your summer program.  You will be responsible for obtaining a visa upon acceptance of admission to the program.)
  • Orientation materials are provided to participants prior to departure.  Non-Trinity students must make arrangements for a telephone appointment with the OSA to cover this information before departure.
  • Students must enroll and complete the courses requred for their program.  For the five week program this is enrollment and completion of two courses.  For the three week program this is one course.  Add/Drop is permitted ONLY for the five week courses by the end of the second day of class. 
  • Withdrawal from a course is NOT permitted except in the case of serious illness or family crisis.  No refunds will be issued.
 The Rome Summer Program continues to draw from America’s finest colleges. Visiting students have been an essential part of the program since its inception in 1970. The program welcomes roughly equal numbers of visiting students and Trinity students during the academic year.  In the Summer Program, there are generally more Trinity students but this could change from year to year. New friendships and personal growth develop through diversity on campus and the adventure of immersion in Rome.