Southern Italy: Capri, Naples and Pompeii (Five-Week Only)

Naples is the capital city of the Campania region and has been dominated by various groups throughout history, like the Normans, the Spanish, and the Bourbons. Throughout these foreign occupations, the city absorbed diverse cultural influences while retaining its own unique style. Next, students take a ferry to the island of Capri and enjoy the azure waters, stunning cliffs and luscious flora of this Mediterranean gem. Once on the island, students can tour the famous Blue Grotto, Monte Solaro and the quaint village of Anacapri, or spend the day exploring the archeological excavations of the ancient Roman villa of Tiberius and the gardens of Ottaviano Augusto. Students conclude the weekend excursion with a visit to the ancient city of Pompeii, allowing them to experience traditional Pompeian life, meticulously preserved by the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.