Three-Week Program


​The Trinity College Rome Campus: Three-Week Summer program offers coursework in a variety of disciplines intended to satisfy distribution requirements.

  • Enroll in one 1 Trinity-credit couese (3-4 semester hours)
  • Courses taught by faculty from Italy and around Europe, as well as faculty from Trinity College in Hartford
  • Language of instruction is English (except for Italian language courses)
  • Study abroad students are not required to study Italian during the summer program


​Below you will find a list of courses that are scheduled to be offered at the Trinity College Rome Campus during the 2015 Three-Week Summer Program. As a program participant, you will choose one course:

​Course Name/Number ​Department

Science of Art (CHEM 150)


This course will focus on topics of interest to artists from the perspective of scientific understanding of the materials comprising their work. Emphasis will be placed on the need for the conservation and preservation of art objects, in particular fresco and easel paintings, ceramic and metallic sculpture, jewelry, and cloth. Dating techniques will be covered as they assist with provenance and authentication studies. Topics of special interest to particular students may be presented as well as a discussion of several masters whose interest in art and science overlap to a considerable degree. Fulfills natural science requirement at Trinity/ Not creditable to the chemistry or biochemistry majors. (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours).

Splendors of Early Chris
tian and Medieval Art (ROME 238)


A course that features the gems of Early Christian and Medieval Art in some of the most memorable churches and museums of Rome.  From the fresco palimpsest of Santa Maria Antiqua to Pietro Cavallini's "Last Judgment" in Santa Cecilia; from the spellbinding mosaics of Santa Pudenziana, Santa Prassede and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to the shimmering apse of San Clemente; from the Museo Gregoriano Profano in the Vatican to the Catacombs of Priscilla and the Sancta Sanctorum, students will learn to analyze and understand the religious and iconographic traditions that inform these masterpieces of western art.  Open to all students. Prof. Valentino Pace (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours).

Academic Policies 

Students on Trinity College Summer Study Away programs remain fully registered at Trinity, and credits and grades earned overseas on these programs are granted on the same basis as those obtained on campus. Depending on the program, students can earn up to two Trinity credits during summer study away (6-8 semester hours). Students must enroll and complete the courses required for their program. For the five week program this is enrollment and completion of two courses. For the three week program this is one course.  ​

Course Registration 

You are asked to list the courses you intend to take as part of the Trinity College Summer Study Away Application​. All registration is handled by Trinity College Study Away – you do not register yourself for summer study away classes. If you would like to make a change to your course preferences AFTER you have submitted your application, please contact Zachary Macinnes.


Add/drop takes place during the first two days of the classes only, and all schedule changes must be made in consultation with the Faculty Director of your study abroad program and the Office of Study Away.

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal from a Trinity College Study Away summer course once on-site is NOT permitted except in the case of serious illness or family crisis. No refunds will be issued.​​​​​