Students participating in the Trinity College Rome Campus: Intensive 3-Week Summer Program will enroll in ONE of the following two courses:

Introduction to Forensic Chemistry (CHEM 170) - CHEMISTRY

This course provides an overview of the techniques used in the modern forensic laboratory for the analysis of common types of physical evidence encountered at crime scenes. The nature of physical evidence, the underlying chemical and physical principles of the scientific techniques employed in analyses, and the interpretation and evidentiary value of scientific results will be studied. This course will include lectures, demonstrations, and limited laboratory work. Not creditable to the chemistry or biochemistry majors. (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours)

Splendors of Early Christian and Medieval Art (ROME 238/338)

A course that features the gems of Early Christian and Medieval Art in some of the most memorable churches and museums of Rome.  From the fresco palimpsest of Santa Maria Antiqua to Pietro Cavallini's "Last Judgment" in Santa Cecilia; from the spellbinding mosaics of Santa Pudenziana, Santa Prassede and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to the shimmering apse of San Clemente; from the Museo Gregoriano Profano in the Vatican to the Catacombs of Priscilla and the Sancta Sanctorum, students will learn to analyze and understand the religious and iconographic traditions that inform these masterpieces of western art.  Open to all students. Prof. Valentino Pace (1 Trinity credit = 4 semester hours)