Students are housed in dormitory-style quarters. Each room has a private bathroom with a shower.

Half of the students live in the main campus building (the convent).   The other half live in a nearby hotel. Most rooms are double occupancy, but  a limited number of single rooms may also be available on campus to those with special requirements. If you wish to request a single, you will be able to do so when filling out your post-acceptance questionarre. The hotel is just a five-minute walk from campus on the Aventine; the staff clean the rooms and makes the beds daily—a convenience not available at rooms at the convent, although the convent has the advantage of being where classes often meet before heading out on walking tours in the morning or afternoon.

For a modest fee, students enjoy access to a nearby fitness center and swimming pool.

Campus Photos

Above: the garden at the convent, available to all students, whether housed at the convent or the hotel. The convent garden and courtyard are closed off to the public. There is also a beautiful public orange grove in the neighborhood.

Convent In Bloom.jpg
Above: students relax in the convent's private courtyard.