Our Mission

To immerse students in the legacy of great civilizations and prepare you to lead in the modern world.

“You can’t learn the things I learned in textbooks or slides. The importance of being there, seeing it, is something that cannot be substituted.”​ -Rome Campus Alumn

The Curriculum

The Rome Campus offers a broad liberal-arts curriculum with courses for majors in art history, classics,  English, history, Italian, economics, and political science. Whatever your major, you will come to know Italy's treasures, thanks to the availability of courses at your level in art history and Italian, as well as academic excursions to Venice, Florence, and Naples/Pompeii/Capri for all students. Field seminars and engaging internships foster quality immersion. All courses are rooted in Rome. An innovative component is Art across the Curriculum - an interdisciplinary array of courses on art. There are also clusters in Public Affairs and in Ancient Culture. The Campus on the Aventine is your idyll. Rome, the Eternal City, is your classroom and laboratory. 

Important Note

Although courses are offered in a broad range of fields in the humanities and social sciences, offerings are extremely limited in some disciplines (sometimes only one course per semester).  Art history, history, and cultural/language studies majors will find many options, but majors in other disciplines will find only one or two courses at most (click "Courses by Semester" on the left to get an idea of offerings).  It is very important that students majoring in disciplines outside of art history, history, and cultural/language studies plan so that they do not NEED a course within their major while abroad.  Typically, all students who want a particular course are able to get in, either during registration or the add-drop period in Rome, but this is not always the case, and it is impossible to gaurantee which courses will be the most popular any given term.  Students who must take one more courses in their major area of study while abroad should speak with their study abroadadvisor about programs that will provide them with more options.​​