Housing + Meals


The Trinity College Rome Campus is made up of three buildings, all within a short walk of each other.  Two of the buildings contain living space for students, and both are approximately the same distance from the office/classroom building.
•    Students in both locations are typically housed in double-occupancy dormitory-style quarters.
•    Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, including a shower.
•    Wireless internet access is available in all areas.


All students receive 14 meals per week. This includes breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, and four dinners. Breakfast and lunch are served “family style” in the dining hall at the Rome Campus. In addition, students receive meal coupons for three dinners each week, redeemable at several local restaurants.

Above: the garden at the Rome Campus, available to all students. The garden and courtyard are closed off to the public. 

Convent In Bloom.jpg
Above: students relax in the Rome Campus' private courtyard.