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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions most frequently asked by accepted students and their parents.  We recommend printing them out and keeping them with your "Rome Campus Handbook" (which you should download from the link at the bottom of your acceptance email).

When are spring/fall break and long weekends so that I can plan travel or to have visitors?​ 
​Spring break for Spring 2014 will be April 12 - 21, 2014. Fall break dates should be posted here by June.  No travel should be booked for any other weekends until the first week of classes, because the faculty-accompanied course trip weekends are subject to change until then. ​Students report that the weekend course excursions are one of their favorite parts of the program, and attendance is required for students to receive a passing grade. If family members are planning to visit for times other than the week-long break, make sure that they schedule to be there long enough to spend time with you if you are gone for a Friday-Sunday while they are there. Excursions are never on consecutive weekends, so if they are there for a full week, they will be able to spend time with you even if there is an excursion.

I'm arriving early, or my family is planning to visit, are there recommended hotels near campus?
​Yes, and you can find a list of them in the "Rome Campus Handbook."  Just find "Nearby Hotels" under "Studying and Living in Rome" in the table of contents. Approximate costs per night are indicated although they fluctuate by season.

When will I find out whether I will be living in the convent or the hotel and whether I will have a roommate?
​The rooming assignments are made by the staff in Rome immediately prior to each term, using the information provided in the rooming questionnaire that students complete online as one of their post-acceptance steps. Students do not receive their assignment until they arrive on campus for the first day of the term.  Two students who both indicate that they would like the other as a roommate on their housing forms will be placed together (only same-gender rooming is allowed).

Do I need to bring pillows/blankets/linens/towels?
​These are all provided, but we do recommend packing an easily compressed blanket (microfiber or down throw) and a large towel (those provided are small). There is an IKEA in Rome, and some students will go to get other things that they feel they need, but most students report that what was provided was fine. Please see the "Laundry, Linens, Cleaning" section in the Rome Campus Handbook for more details.

Do I need special health insurance?
Trinity provides, as part of the comprehensive fee for the program, excellent international medical insurance. Students should maintain whatever insurance they have in the U.S. so that there are no gaps in coverage, but they do not need to acquire additional insurance on their own.  

I am vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions. Will this be a problem? 
Vegetarians have done fine, but must be aware that the supplied meals are not specifically designed to provide a vegetarian entree (although salads, breads, and pastas are typically provided).  Other meals are from local restaurants, stores or delis,  so in those cases students can get whatever they like. Vegans and gluten-free eaters do not typically find enough options at the breakfasts/lunches.  Financial adjustments cannot be made to the comprehensive fee for students who feel that they aren't finding good options at the breakfasts/lunches, so vegans, gluten-free eaters, and to a lesser extent vegetarians should plan to have extra money to spend on food during the program.