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Group Visa Process


Welcome to the Group Visa Process instructions page! Our goal is to make the visa application process as clear as possible. Although there are a lot of details to take care of, if you follow the steps below, and avoid waiting until the last minute, it does not need to be stressful!

Please do not leave the gathering of the documents indicated below until the last minute! Some of them will most likely require parent involvement, some require notarization, you need to have official passport photos taken, etc. The process will be stress-free if you begin right away but very stressful if you wait until days before the deadline. For Fall 2015 group visa students, all materials indicated here must be received by Friday, April 17th.

If you are the citizen of a country other than the United States, you will need to contact the Italian consulate in your home country to check on visa requirements -- you should still be able to apply as part of the "group" process, but may need additional documents not indicated here.  You may also call any one of the U.S. consulates (you may want to start with the New York consulate) for information on reaching the consulate in your home country.  If you are not a permanent U.S. resident, it is especially critical that you begin working on your visa early.  Normally, students who are citizens of a country within the European Union will not need visa materials.


Documents must be provided in original PLUS include photocopies as indicated in the example application and the checklist below (not all documents need to be provided in copy, but many do--it is essential to include the required copies with your application).
  • Download the sample visa application that we have compiled. It includes all required documents, in the order in which they will need to be in for the consulate. To the extent possible, please gather them all together, put them in this order, and then bring them/send them to the Office of Study Away. It's fine if some things (bank letter, passport photos, etc) come to us separately. We will put them where they belong in the application:
  • Download the LONG TERM visa application from the New York Italian Consulate's web site (NOT the Schengen short term application--go to the web site, click on "English" at the top, then click on the link to download the LONG TERM visa application).  Complete the application, using the information that we have provided on the sample application that you downloaded above. Sign it in the presence of a notary.  For Trinity students, there is a notary in the Office of Study Away. Non-Trinity students, you will need to find one on your campus or at a bank nearby. Note that there is one other item farther down on this list (student ID) which needs to be notarized, so you can have the visa application and student ID notarized at the same time.
  • Have EIGHT official passport photos taken (these must be official passport photos and not photos taken yourself or taken for any other purpose). Affix one of the eight to the appropriate place on your visa application (it's fine to staple it as long as the staple does not cover any part of your face). Send the other seven photos to the Office of Study Away at Trinity College, 300 Summit Street, Hartford, CT. These will be used to obtain your residency permit, which is a separate process from the visa applications.
Trinity students can have passport photos taken at the Office of Study Away during drop-in hours, which can be found listed to the right of the login fields on our appointment system landing page at Items that need to be notarized (student ID, visa application) can also be handled at that time if you bring them in.
  • Make sure your passport will be valid for at least six months after the end of the program. You will need to turn your passport in to the Office of Study Away along with your visa application; we will give it to the consulate with your application. Remember that they will not guarantee that your passport will be returned any sooner than three days prior to the program start date. If you are going to be traveling internationally and need your passport any sooner than that, click here and follow instructions to get your visa on your own.
  • Make a photocopy of the photo/info page of your passport and include this  in the appropriate place within your application materials.
  • Have your student ID photocopied and notarized.  Again, for Trinity students there is a notary in the Office of Study Away. You can have your ID copied for notarization when you come in for passport photos.
  • For non-U. S. citizens: Have your Alien Registration Card, or F1 Visa, and updated I-20 copied and notarized as well.
  • Email a copy of your flight itinerary to You may book a one-way flight, if you believe that you may wish to travel after the program and prefer to book your return flight later. You MUST book your flight to Italy and both email the itinerary to before the visa application deadline AND provide your flight information in the appropriate post-acceptance section of your online application.
  •  Obtain an enrollment verification letter from your college/university. Trinity students do NOT have to provide this -- the letter will be provided by the OSA and put into your application for you. For non-Trinity students, please click below to see an example of this letter. The letter should include your student status; registration for following semester, anticipated graduation date, major and current student ID number.  This document is usually issued by the Registrar’s office, bearing the university seal.  Click here to download a template/sample of this letter.
  • Obtain a bank letter (on bank letterhead, signed by a bank official) indicating an account in your name with $4000 or more in it, or a joint account between you and a parent holding the same sum, and make one copy of it. Your name MUST be associated with the account, it has to be on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official, and it must indicate an account with in excess of $4000 in it IF you are the only account holder, or $4000 PER ACCOUNT HOLDER if it is a joint account (so, for example, if the account is in the name of both you and a parent, it must have at least $8000 in it).  Bank statements will not be accepted.   Click here for a sample letter: BankstatementParents.pdf.
This requirement often raises questions or objections from our participants and their parents.  We do not have more specific information on this requirement, nor do we have the authority to waive this (or any other) requirement set by the Italian consulates.  Without this letter, a visa to participate in the program may not be granted.
 If you are a recipient of financial aid and cannot produce a bank letter indicating an account with in excess of $4000 in it, you can request that your home college’s Financial Aid Office prepare a statement of your financial aid award for your term of study with in Rome. It should indicate the amount of aid for the given term AND the date of disbursement.  A financial aid letter should be provided in lieu of the bank letter only if it is impossible to get the bank letter.
  • Purchase a Fedex label online, addressed to the address where you will be during the summer (NOT your campus address, unless you will be on campus for the summer) and email it to You can create a fedex account (if you don't already have one) and pay for and download your label at
In Fedex's online system, select that you want to email the label prior to purchasing it--if you do end up purchasing it before selecting that option, you will need to print it out and scan it in order to email it.

Make sure that you select "signature required" for delivery, because your passport and visa will be in the shipment. You can indicate Trinity College, 300 Summit Street, Hartford CT as the "from" address." Select at least .5lbs as the weight. For date of shipment, the date at time of purchase is fine. 
Please do not print the label and mail it or drop it off unless you accidentally purchase the label without selecting the email option--it should be emailed to We also ask that you not provide UPS or USPS labels. Fedex has proven the most reliable.
You will also need the following documents to complete your application. These will be produced by the Office of Study Away -- they will NOT be sent or given to you. We will add them to your application before bringing it to the consulate.
• An Affidavit of Insurance specifying health insurance, which conforms to Italian standards.
• A letter of acceptance to the Rome program  from Trinity College providing for the Study Abroad Program, confirming enrollment status currently, and including your expected graduation year.  We will provide an original for you to photocopy.
• A letter of acceptance from the host campus in Italian.  We will provide this to you and you will need to make a photocopy of it and include both with your application.
A declaration of the availability in Italy of the appropriate lodgings.  We will provide this to you and you will need to make a photocopy of it and include both with your application.