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Visa Information

Students must have a valid French student visa in order to participate in the Trinity in Paris program (with the exception of students who have citizenship in a European country). Getting a visa may be the most challenging and frustrating part of preparing to go abroad. 

The Office of Study Away at Trinity College will provide students with some of the documentation required for the visa application, along with instructions on how to get the visa, but students will be responsible for gathering the remaining documents and completing all steps of the process. 

It is important that all students review the steps required to get their visa and complete these steps in a timely manner to ensure that they get their visa on time for the beginning of the program.

The visa application process has 2 parts:
Part 1: Register with Campus France and complete all required steps
Part 2: Make an appointment with the consulate.  Trinity students can make the appointmentwith the consulate either in the students home district or in New York City.

Note that each consulate has it's own visa requirements so students must refer to the website for the consulate they will be going to for details.

Below are links to documents and websites that will guide students through the process.
Trinity in Paris Visa Guide
Link to Campus France
Visa Application (Long Stay)
SAMPLE visa application
Financial Guarantee form
SAMPLE Financial Guarantee form
OFII Form (for students interested in working in France or staying a full year)