The academics of the Trinity in Paris program allow students to customize their courses in a way that best fits their academic and language needs and abilities.  In addition to the diverse selection of Trinity courses on offer, select students may also take classes at a host university, ICP.

French language classes begin upon arrival in Paris, in conjunction with the on-site orientation, and continue for the duration of the semester.

For their remaining courses, students can select from a variety of courses and subjects in English and French. Beginner and intermediate French students can choose from Trinity program courses on French culture, art history, history, political science, American studies, sociology, urban studies and music . These classes are taught in English at the program site by Trinity-appointed faculty.

Students with two-and-a-half years of college-level French or above can  select one or two classes in French from Trinity’s partner institution, the ICP, choosing from courses in the humanities, social sciences, and education. 

Important Note

Although courses are offered in a broad range of fields in the humanities and social sciences, offerings are extremely limited in some disciplines.  Art history, history, American Studies, English, Political Sciences, urban studies and cultural/language studies majors will find many options, but majors in other disciplines will be limited.  It is very important that students majoring in disciplines outside of Art history, history, American Studies, English and Political Sciences, urban studies and cultural/language studies plan so that they do not NEED a course within their major while abroad.  Typically, all students who want a particular course are able to get in, either during registration or the add-drop period in Paris.