Trinity Programs

Trinity's international program sites enable our students to gain valuable experience in key locations around the world. Through a Trinity-directed semester or year-long program of study that includes a core course, electives, and an internship, independent study, or community service project, students come to appreciate unique historical and cultural perspectives.



Focus on Hispanic studies in a progressive urban environment through the lenses of political science, history, culture, urban studies, and the arts.

Buenos Aires

View human rights and urban studies in the Americas in the context of ethics, politics, economics, history, literature, and other fields.

Cape Town

Experience a dynamic society struggling for reconciliation, recovery, and redefinition after long years of repression. Courses in humanities and social sciences are available. 


Study the history, politics, economics, culture, and expression of France and Europe and experience the city of Paris and its mode of living.

Port of Spain

Absorb the multicultural heritage of the Caribbean in the perfect laboratory for studying the long-evolving cultural, ethnic, religious, and gender identities of the region's peoples.


Experience one of the world's great cities at Trinity's own Rome Campus with courses in art across the curriculum, public affairs, ancient culture and classics, as well as field seminars and internships.  


Study Chinese language (beginning through advanced) in this rapidly evolving megacity, taking classes in English in the social sciences and humanities. Excursions and activities included and optional internships are available.


Study in English at the highly regarded University of Vienna with curricular options in philosophy, international studies, American studies, psychology, and other areas.