Trinity in Cape Town

First established in 1998, The Trinity-in-Cape Town program, in association with ISA, provides students with the opportunity to spend a semester or year in this fascinating city while studying at the prestigious local universities. South Africa is a dynamic country recovering from years of racial and class oppression.  The nation's unique history, diverse population, and varied cultures make this an extraordinary opportunity to participate and learn in a thought provoking and stimulating political environment.

Program Highlights

  • Students enroll in an internship for credit, with a local NGO or school which exposes them to another important side of the community and culture.  Some options include human rights organizations, AIDS/HIV education, women's and gender rights and law, an elementary school, after school programming and tutoring for children in surrounding townships and a maternity hospital, to name a few. 
  • There are excursions throughout the semester in and around Cape Town, including an optional weekend home stay with a family in a township.
  • Students have 24 hour access to both Trinity and ISA staff to assist them with their needs.

The City

Tucked beneath the appropriately named Table Mountain, Cape Town is an exhilarating port city, rich in history, architecture, and cultural pursuits. The city is dominated by a towering, table-shaped mountain, set on a peninsula of soaring, rocky heights and lush valleys, where two oceans converge—the Indian and the Atlantic—and where immense natural beauty and the fast pace and bright lights of a great urban center come together.
Cape Town takes its name from the term “Cape of Good Hope,” Africa’s southern-most point, founded in 1482 by Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Diaz. Today the city has a population of 3.5 million and is the provincial capital of the Western Cape, as well as the legislative capital of South Africa. The city is a cultural melting pot, with a diverse and vibrant character is influenced by Xhosa, Zulu, and other African tribes, as well as Indonesian, French, Dutch, British, and German settlers.

Program Dates

The dates of the program are built around the local university academic calendar and therefore change slightly each year.    Our two university partners have slightly different start and end dates.  Please note that students must arrive on the designated arrival date for their  university  but can stay until the final date for both universities.

Universities in South Africa, being in the southern hemisphere, have an academic calendar that is reversed to the one that is used in the United States.  In South Africa, the academic year begins in January and continues until November.

Spring Semester (Semester I in South Africa)
University of the Western Cape: Early February to Late June (estimated) 
University of Cape Town: Late January to Mid June (estimated) 
Fall Semester (Semester II in South Africa)
University of Western Cape: Mid July to Late November (estimated)
University of Cape Town: Early July to Mid November (estimated)

Exact dates for upcoming semesters are available on the "Dates and Fees" page.

Program Prerequisites​

All students are required to have a minimum GPA as stated below.
University of Western Cape: 2.5 GPA
University of Cape Town: 3.0 GPA


The Trinity in Cape Town program is run in association with ISA, an educational organization that provides students with student support services for the duration of their time in South Africa.  The ISA staff in Cape Town work together with the Trinity Academic Director and arrange student housing, coordinate arrival and orientation arrangements, manage university enrollments and provide additional assistance as needed throughout the semester.

Application Deadlines

Mar. 15th - Fall sessions

Oct. 5th - Spring sessions