Sports + Culture

Students are encouraged to make the most of their time in South Africa by taking advantage of the multitude of options for immersion into the culture and the Trinity and ISA faculty and staff are more than happy to help students in this pursuit to compliment what is already offered through the program.

Internship/Community Engagement

The Trinity in Cape Town program  features a community engagement internship requirement. Students enroll in an academic internship for 1.0 credit in a local NGO, school, museum, medical clinic or other institution.  Please see the internships page for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the internship for credit, many students opt to do some volunteer work as well, not for credit, but to gain a more in depth perspective on the country and the culture.  There are many opportunities either through the host university or a local NGO and the Trinity and ISA staff can assist students in finding something they are interested in.

Program Excursions

There are several excursions throughout the semester, that are part of the program.  They can vary each semester but in the past have been to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, to the top of the infamous Table Mountain, to the Cape of Good Hope, the southern most point on the African continent, and a safari and community service weekend north of Cape Town in Aquila.

Home Stay Weekend

Students have the unique opportunity to spend a weekend with a family in a neighboring township.  This is optional but students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to see first hand, a very different but important side of South African history and culture.  The families are carefully vetted and are in safe areas.  Students find this to be a very rewarding experience and often go back throughout the semester and visit with their family.

Sports Teams and Clubs

All students have access to the clubs and facilities at the university where they are taking classes and they are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to meet new people.
During university orientation, students will receive a lot of information about all the clubs and teams that they can become a part of.  Past students have joined both the crew and soccer teams at the university of Cape Town and competed throughout the country. Students have also‚Äč participated in the hiking club and the diving club, to name a few.