All Trinity students who wish to study away are FIRST required to submit a Request to Study Away by December of the academic year prior to study.

Once a students Request to Study Away is approved, they may go ahead and complete the online Cape Town application. The Trinity in Cape Town program welcomes students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher

The Application

The  Trinity in Cape Town application and all required documents must be submitted by March 15, 2015 for Fall 2015 study.

To apply, complete the Trinity-in-Cape Town application online​ here (click the link, then click on "Trinity Students Start NEW Application Here" and log in with your Trinity email and password).  *Note that you should bookmark the page BEFORE LOGGING IN. If you log in and then bookmark the page, you will initiate a new application every time you go to the site.  Be sure to always click on "complete EXISTING application" on subsequent visits.

The Trinity in Cape Town program is run in association with ISA, a study abroad provider that provides student support and services.  In addition to completing the Trinity application, students will also need to submit information to ISA and the host university in Cape Town at various stages of the application process.