Trinity Students will be billed in the same manner as they would be were they to remail in Hartford and according to the same payment schedule/time frame.  Please note that all financial aid travels with students on their semester program to Cape Town.  Students receiving financial aid are advised to contact Morgan Pohorylo in the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to ensure they understand the process.  

The Trinity in Cape Town fee is $29,270 per semester forthe 2014-2015 academic year.  This includes tuition, fees, furnished accomodations (including bedding), excursions,  cell phones, medical insurance with HTH Worldwide, internet access, bus pass for UWC (for students taking classes), transportation to internships, 24 hour student support by Trinity and ISA staff and activities.  It does not include meals, airfare, local transportation, books &supplies, laundry, phone calls, personal items, entertainment, or personal travel.

Since everyone has different spending habits, it is difficult to estimate what other expenses students should budget for but it is generally recommended that students budget approximately $3000 - $4000 for other expenses (books, local transportation, personal expenses, entertainment and limited travel) during their stay in Cape Town.

Students live in apartments and there is no meal plan so they are responsible for their own food expenses as well.