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Visa Information

A South African Study Permit is required of all students who study in South Africa.  It is imperative that students begin gathering all the required documents for their visa immediately as some can take several weeks to get.
Note that you must send you actual passport to the South African Consulate within your home jurisdiction and they will keep the passport for a few weeks while your visa is processed.  Keep this in mind when planning any international travel.
A checklist and various forms are available via the links below and students can also refer to the South African Consulate Website for a list of requirements
Students who are citizens of a country other than the U.S. should let Eleanor Emerson in the OSA know right away since there will be a different visa process that may take longer and require addition documentation.

South Africa Study Permit Requirements and Forms:

Blank Medical Certificate (bring this with you to the doctor) and SAMPLE form
Radiological Report (bring this with you to the doctor)