Courses - Advanced Track

Trinity in Buenos Aires offers advanced students with 4 or more semesters of college-level Spanish unparalleled immersion in one of the world's most compelling cities. Students enroll in two Trinity-taught courses, one IFSA-Butler course and 1-2 courses at local universities: Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad del Salvador and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

All students enroll in the following courses:

  • Buenos Aires: Human Rights and Cultural Production (BNAR 300-01)
  • Community-Based Internship (BNAR 199)
  • Advanced Spanish and Argentine Culture   
  • 1-2 local university courses

All classes are taught in Spanish by Trinity and local professors, and all coursework is conducted in Spanish. Please see below for course descriptions.

Trinity Courses

Buenos Aires: Human Rights and Cultural Production (BNAR 300-01)
Program Core Course - Required
Prof. Mazia Silvina Persino (1 Trinity credit = 3.5 semester hours)
Prerequisite: None
Fulfills following requirements: Global Engagement

This core course for Trinity's program in Buenos Aires will use the city as a springboard and laboratory to explore and test ideas and questions related to urban issues, human rights and artistic production. Human rights will be understood in a broad sense, encompassing problems related to political dissidence, ethnicity, class, and gender. Together with theoretical readings, the students will explore these topics through the study of works of literature, visual arts, dance, music and theater. We will integrate events happening in the city (festivals, performances, exhibits, community initiatives), as well as specific sites (cultural centers, ethnic neighborhoods, museums, monuments, spaces of memory) into the curriculum.

Community-Based Internship (BNAR 199)
Required for all students
Prof. Silvina Persino (1 Trinity credit = 3.5 semester hours)
Prerequisite: None

Internships in Buenos Aires give the student the opportunity to be part of an Argentine work environment, as part of the culture and language immersion which is central to the program. The students choose two placements from a list of options and apply for their first choice. Most of the placements are NGOs working on human rights fronts, related to violations during the seventies, socio economic inequalities and gender issues. Students must work a minimum of 8 hours a week for a period of 13 weeks. They submit a research paper at the end of the term.

IFSA-Butler Course

Advanced Spanish and Argentine Culture
Required for all students
Language of instruction: Spanish
Prof. TBA (1 Trinity credit = 3.5 semester hours)

The objective of this mandatory program class is to enrich the knowledge of Spanish language in the following four areas: oral comprehension, oral expression, written expression and reading comprehension while analyzing the cultural context in which the language was developed and is currently spoken. Both oral and written expressions are of vital importance to the student's performance in his/her university classes. This course meets intensively during the program orientation and less frequently during the course of the semester.

Local University Courses

Trinity in Buenos Aires students are able to enroll directly in one or two local university courses. For more information, please consult the "Academics" tab of the IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities program website.