Trinity in Buenos Aires

Trinity in Buenos Aires is a language and culture immersion program that provides students with both intermediate and advance Spanish language abilities an opportunity to study and live in this vibrant Latin American city.  Students take classes is Spanish and live with a Argentine family for an immersive experience.

Program Highlights

  • This program offers two language tracks to accommodate students with both intermediate and advanced Spanish language abilities.
  • Students engage in an internship for credit.
  • Living with homestay families allows students to really improve their language skills while gaining insight into the culture.
  • Trinity in Buenos Aires is run in association with IFSA-Butler, an educational organization that provides students with student support services for the duration of their time in Argentina. 

The City

Often called the “Paris of Latin America,” Buenos Aires is a beautiful and dynamic city where Latin American and European influences merge in a unique blend of architecture, music, literature, dance, and cuisine.  Walking through the streets of Buenos Aires immediately gives you a sense of Argentina’s fascinating political and social history and its diverse cultural life. San Telmo’s colorful architecture, La Boca’s famous tango dancers, and Palermo’s beautiful parks are just a few of the interesting “barrios” in Buenos Aires. Though each street corner has its own intimacy, with its local shops and people, the city seems endless when it comes to its museums, bars and restaurants, clubs, theaters, galleries, and concerts. The diverse art and music scenes are flourishing.  Yet even in this huge city, the friendliness of the Argentines provides students with many opportunities to practice and improve their Spanish.

Program Dates

The dates of the program are built around the academic calendar for the various partner universities and therefore change slightly each year.  All universities in the southern hemisphere have an opposite calendar to the United States and in Argentina, the academic year begins in February.
Spring Semester 2016
Intermediate track - February 10 (arrival date in Buenos Aires) - June 25, 2016
Advanced track - February 29 (arrival date in Buenos Aires) - July 9, 2016
Fall Semster  2016
Intermediate track - TBA
Advanced track - TBA

Program Prerequisites

The program is open to students with a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA whoa re in good academic and social standing. In addition, students must meet the language requirement since all courses are taught in Spanish.
Intermediate track - 3+ semesters of college level Spanish
Advanced track - 4+ semesters of college level Spanish


The Trinity in Buenos Aires program is run in association with IFSA, an educational organization through Butler university that provides students with student support services for the duration of their time in Argentina.  The IFSA staff in Buenos Aires work together with the Trinity Faculty in Residence to arrange student housing, coordinate arrival and orientation arrangements, manage university enrollments and provide additional assistance as needed throughout the semester.