The Program

Trinity-in-Buenos Aires offers students with intermediate or advanced Spanish language skills with strong academic, cultural, and co-curricular opportunities, as well as a strong cultural immersion experience.

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  • Open to students from all majors who have taken at least one year of college-level Spanish language.
  • Provides excellent academic options for students in almost all majors, with strong offerings in Hispanic and Latin American Studies, Human Rights, History, International Studies, Political Science, Educational Studies, Urban Studies, Sociology, and the arts.
  • Includes a wide range of cultural activities, guest lectures, and visits to neighborhoods throughout the city plus a longer excursion outside of Buenos Aires.
  • Offers strong immersion in Spanish language and Argentine culture through internships, independent studies, and homestays
  • Provides students with the opportunity to study with other Trinity students, students from all across the U.S., and Argentine students​.

Intermediate Track (for students with 2-4 semesters of Spanish)

​Course ​Credits
​Intensive Spanish Language (2 week course at begininning of semester)
1​.0 credit
​Trinity Core Course - BNAR 200: Buenos Aires: The Urban Experience, Human Rights and Cultural Production 1.0 credit
Trinity Independent Study ​1.0 credit
​Contemporary Civilization and Culture (at USAL) 1.0credit
One additional course at USAL 1.0 credit
Advanced Track (for students with 5 or more semesters of Spanish)
​Course ​Credits
​Trinity Core Course - BNAR 300: Buenos Aires: The Urban Experience, Human Rights and Cultural Production ​1.0 credit
​Trinity Internship ​1.0 credit
Advanced Spanish Language and Argentine Culture (at IFSA) ​1.0 credit
​One or two additional courses at a host university ​1.0 credit each
There are two program options in Buenos Aires—one for students with 5 or more semester of college-level Spanish (Advanced Track) and another for students with 2-4 semesters of college-level Spanish (Intermediate Track).  Students who have four semesters of Spanish or the equivalent should meet with the program affiliated faculty to determine which track will best fit their individual needs.
Every student will be enrolled in the Trinity Core Course, Buenos Aires: The Urban Experience, Human Rights and Cultural Production.  In addition, the intermediate track students will take the Trinity Independent Study and the advanced track students will do the Trinity Internship.  Both are for credit and are administered and taught by a Trinity College on-site faculty member. Students are placed in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or other institutions where they will work closely with the Argentine people and explore an academic topic of interest related to their placement. Possible topics include human rights, education, government and democracy, radio production, corporate social responsibility, and the arts.
In addition, the intermediate students enroll in an intensive Spanish language course for two weeks before the start of the semester.  They take a course on Contemporary Civilization and Culture at USAL and as well as one additional course of their choice.
The advanced students take Advanced Spanish Language and Argentine Culture at IFSA as well as one or two remaining courses at one fo the four local universities.

The Universities

The Universidad de Buenos Aires, or UBA, is the oldest public university in Argentina and is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the country.  UBA, a large, urban university, is free to Argentines and represents a wide cross-section of people.  It offers a wide range of courses in the social sciences and humanities.

Universidad del Salvador, or USAL, is a comprehensive, urban university with a commitment to personalized education that is ranked as one of the best private universities in Latin America, offering a strong variety of courses in the humanities and social sciences.
Universidad Torcuato di Tella, or UTDT, focuses on the social science.  It draws students from throughout South America with its reputation as a small, private, highly selective institution.
Universidad Católica Argentina, or UCA, is a private university of about 15,000 students with a campus in the city; it is known for its small classes and personal attention and offers a range of courses in the humanities and social sciences.

Program Prerequisites

The program is open to students with a grade-point average of 2.8 or higher and at least one year of college-level Spanish or the equivalent.


Program Dates

  • Fall semester (Semester II in Argentina): mid-to-late July through mid-to-late December
  • Spring semester (Semester I in Argentina): mid-February to early-July

Housing and Meals

Students live with Argentine families, carefully selected by the IFSA-Butler staff, to enrich their cultural immersion. The home stay families provide two meals per day during the week (students are attending classes during the midday meal) and one meal per week on the weekends (students tend to be out or travelling).

Expenses/Deposits/Financial Aid

Students participating in the Buenos Aires program are billed by Trinity for the entire program, including tuition, housing, and fees.  Students who receive financial aid from Trinity College will have that aid transferred to the program.  Application for transfer of financial aid must be made early and in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid.

Application Information

All Trinity students who wish to study away are required to submit a Request to Study Away.  After being approved to study away, students can apply to Trinity-in-Buenos Aires for the term for which they have been approved to study away.