Application + Accepted Student Information

The Trinity in Buenos Aires program welcomes students with a GPA of 2.8 or higher and a minimum of one year of college level Spanish or equivalent.

The Application (deadline March 25th)

**Note that Trinity students must have a Request to Study Away approved before applying to any study away program unless their advisor has specifically advised them to apply before hearing about the request decision (typically due to programs with early application deadlines).  Applications to Trinity programs will not be reviewed for students without approved requests to study away.**

Because the Trinity in Buenos Aires program is run in association with IFSA-Butler, there are application materials that need to be submitted to IFSA-Butler as well as Trinity College.  To apply:

1) Request a copy of your official transcript to be sent to the Office of Study Away, Attn: Trinity-in-Buenos Aires.

2) Complete the Trinity-in-Buenos Aires application online​ (click the link, then click on "Trinity Students Start NEW Application Here" and log in with your Trinity email and password).  Note that you should bookmark the page BEFORE LOGGING IN. If you log in and then bookmark the page, you will initiate a new application every time you go to the site.  Be sure to always click on "complete EXISTING application" on subsequent visits.

3) As part of the online application, you will download forms that need to be completed and submitted to IFSA-Butler.  When completing the IFSA-Butler application materials, please make note of the following:
    • Passport photos taken in the Office of International Programs at 66 Vernon Street.
    • Trinity students DO NOT pay the deposit, so please disregard this part.
    • Trinity students should complete the online IFSA-Butler Application 

    ALL supplemental documents required by IFSA-Butler must be submitted to the Trinity College OSA office (to avoid confusion, do not send anything directly to IFSA-Butler):

    Trinity-in-Buenos Aires
    Office of Study Away
    Trinity College
    300 Summit Street
    Hartford, CT 06106-3100


Visa information

Students will be provided with more information regarding visas from IFSA. 

Students with a U.S. passport do not need to get a student visa for Argentina prior to arrival in the country.  Students going for a full year do need to get an FBI background check.  This process takes a couple of months so students should plan ahead accordingly.  Please ask the Office of International Programs for more information about getting this.

Students with a non-U.S. passport should advise the Office of International Programs and IFSA immediately so it can be determined what is required and long it will take (it is often a very lengthy process).