Trinity in Barcelona

The Trinity-in-Barcelona program offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or full year of study in the dynamic city of Barcelona, Spain.  From the time of Picasso and Gaudi, Barcelona has stood at the cutting edge of modern art and architecture. The city also serves as a model for urban and economic innovation and renewal.  Barcelona’s long history and its vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere provide students with a rich environment for study and exploration.  The program offers strong academic options for students interested in Hispanic Studies and other areas in the humanities and social sciences. Students experience both the Spanish and Catalan cultures in this bilingual and multicultural ​​​city. 
Program Highlights
  • The program offers two language tracks to accommodate students with both intermediate and advanced Spanish language abilities.

  • Students have 24 hour access to the program space in Central Barcelona, including computer facilities

  • The program features a weekend study trip to Madrid and Segovia, excursions in and around Barcelona, and a trip to rural Catalunya. Students also participate in walking tours, visits to mu​seums, sports events, and other cultural activities.

  • A Spanish student mentor helps students adjust to Spanish academic and social life, and students also have the option of being matched with a Spanish student language partner. 

The Setting

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain.  The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea near the French border.  Barcelona was the site of a great Roman metropolis, and the present-day city dates back to the 9th Century.  The Catalan language and culture are a great source of pride to the people of Barcelona and Catalonians have a strong national identity. Led by a renaissance that began with the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona has experienced dynamic change, with entire districts undergoing renovation.  Originally developed as a series of largely self-contained neighborhoods, Barcelona is easy to navigate. From its medieval Gothic quarter and historic old town to its famous art nouveau buildings and futuristic architecture near the harbor, Barcelona is a city of contrasts and unrivaled beauty and diversity.  Barcelona’s contributions in business, education, entertainment, the sciences, and the arts has led to its standing as a leading economic and cultural center.

Program Dates

The dates of the program are built around the academic calendar for the Pompeu Fabra University and therefore change slightly each year.
Fall Semster  2015 - September 6 (arrival date in Barcelona) - December 22, 2015
Spring Semester 2016 - TBA

Program Prerequisites

The program is open to students with a 2.7 GPA who are in good social and academic standing and at least one year of college-level Spanish or the equivalent.

Students should plan to take a Spanish language course in the semester before going to Barcelona to refresh their language skills.