Steps to Study Away

​We will be unable to approve additional requests for Fall 2014 or Academic Year 2014-2015, but a limited number of Spring 2015 study away spots may become available. If you are a qualified student (GPA at least 2.5) and would like to be considered in case of space, please follow the request to study away instructions below. Do not submit a request prior to completing steps one and two.

All students must complete the following steps in order to study away for a semester or a year. Please note that the summer study away process is different. Information on summer study away can be found on the summer study away web site.

1) Watch the Study Away Info Presentation Online (if you did not already attend a live session)

Students who DID NOT attend one of the required in-person study away info sessions in Mather hall during fall term must watch the presentation online and answer the quiz questions at the end of the presentation to indicate an understanding of the study away process. Students who attended a session do not need to complete the online presentation. The presentation can be found by logging into Moodle and going into the Trinity College Study Away Process course. If you log into Moodle and do not see the course, contact the oip at (first years, in particular, need to request to be manually enrolled).

Set aside about half an hour when you are prepared to complete the entire presentation so that you can easily do it all at once. We will be able to tell if you do not watch all slides in their entirety or answer all questions, and you are required to do so before your request to study away will be reviewed.

2) Make an Appointment with an Advisor

Once you have attended a study away info session, your next step in the study away process is to meet with an advisor in the Office of International Programs.  You can set up an appointment online by going to this link

If you are on financial aid, we also strongly recommend that you meet with Morgan Pohorylo in the financial aid office before finalizing your plans to study on a specific program, in case it turns out that a different category of program would work much better with your aid package. You can set up a meeting with her through the same online appointment system that you use to set up a meeting with an OIP advisor. Just select the "Financial Aid Advising" schedule from the dropdown menu (on the login page or at the very top of the page once you've logged in).​

If you're also interested in getting a student perspective on a program that you're thinking about, or study away/abroad in general, just let your advisor know. He or she can put you in touch with a student who has returned from studying away.

3) Submit a Request to Study Away

The third step in the study away process is to submit a request to be approved to study away by the college. You can submit your request by clicking on this link to start a new request. You can always access a request that you've already begun by going to

4) If Your Request is Approved, Apply to a Program

Your request to study away is not a program application, even for Trinity programs. All students must be approved to study away by the college before applying to a specific program. If your request is approved, you still need to apply to a program.

For Trinity programs, links to online applications can be found on our web site. For non-Trinity programs, you will follow the application instructions of the specific program.

5) Officially Confirm Your Program or Submit a Withdrawal Form

Once you have been accepted by a program, there is one more step -- you must confirm that you are accepting your place, or submit a withdrawal from study away if you are not accepted by a program or have decided not to study away.

To Confirm

For Trinity programs, follow the instructions in your acceptance email to confirm.

For Non-Trinity Programs, go to this link, log in with your Trinity email and password, click on "start a new application" and complete our brief confirmation form (you must also follow any confirmation instructions provided by your program).

To Withdraw

Official withdrawal is an extremely important step for students who decide not to study away or are not accepted to a program. Unless you officially withdraw, you will not having housing on campus and will be blocked from registering for the term during which you have been approved to study away. In order to withdraw, go to this link, log in with your Trinity email and password, click on "start new application" and complete our brief withdrawal form.​