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Environmental + Maritime Studies

There are 4 programs that fall under this category:

1. Duke University Marine Laboratory
The Duke University Marine Laboratory (Beaufort, North Carolina) offers a one-semester study in environmental science and policy based in Beaufort on the North Carolina coastal plain with its marshlands, estuaries, continental shelf, and the Gulf Stream. Duke is a leading institution in marine and environmental sciences and policy education.

The program offers hands-on field experience and accepts non-science majors, but is designed especially for biology, pre-med, environmental studies, and other science students. There is also a special program for sophomores designed focusing on climate change. A one week oceanographic research cruise is included in this program. Other students are immersed in marine sciences in Beaufort for the semester and participate in extended travel opportunities with Duke faculty to study sea turtles in Trinidad, urban tropical ecology in Singapore, marine mammals in Hawaii, and evolution of beaches and barrier islands on the East Coast of the U.S.

2. Sea Education Association (SEA) Semester
The Sea Education Association (SEA) semester program provides undergraduates with an opportunity to participate in an academic study-abroad program that combines research in the areas of oceanography, maritime studies, and nautical science with hands on experience aboard a traditional sailing ship. The program is based at the James L. Madden Center for Maritime Studies and its Woods Hole campus on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In an interdisciplinary program focusing on the sea, students undertake a demanding academic program on shore followed by practical application at sea. The program is designed for students majoring in marine biology, geology and physical science, environmental studies, American studies, and many other areas in liberal arts. In addition to the general program described above, the Association offers a science program that focuses on climate change and the oceans and a liberal arts program that focuses on Caribbean studies. Options vary by year; check their website for additional details.

3. Williams-Mystic: The Maritime Studies Program
This program allows students to spend a semester studying man’s relationship to the sea in its many aspects at Mystic Seaport. Subjects of study include Marine Policy, Literature of the Sea, Maritime History, and Marine Science. On our field seminars, faculty and staff join students as we venture to many locations well off the beaten path. Lectures are held onboard a ship, on the beach, at a historical site or even at a shipping terminal. The seminars are hands-on. This program is appropriate for science majors and non-science majors who have an interest in the sea. The program is interdisciplinary in nature, examining the history, literature, science, and policy of the world’s waterways. Courses are hands-on and discussion-based.  Students apply through the 12 College Exchange!

4. Semester in Environmental Science - Woods Hole, MA
The program is offered each fall by the Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), located in Woods Hole, MA. SES is a 15-week program in environmental science that allows students to work with top researchers in ecosystem science introducing the fundamentals of biogeochemistry and ecosystems science. The program includes a science writing seminar and research project. The curriculum provides an intensive field and laboratory-based introduction to ecosystem science and the biogeochemistry of coastal forests, freshwater ponds and estuaries.